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New Five Ten Kestrel Pro Boa, Sleuth DLX and TLD special edition models

Five Ten has been part of Adidas for some time now, but for the next season, the ties between the two brands will be much closer. The Sleuth DLX is a new, slim flat-pedal shoe inspired by the Adidas Samba. There’s also a completely redesigned Kestrel Pro Boa, colour updates and a design collaboration with Troy Lee Designs.

But the coolest thing first: This is the Five Tennies, the shoe with which it all began. A tennis shoe modified with special rubber to crack a climbing route rated 5.10…
And it’s making a return! Not a bike shoe but … #need!

The comeback – the Kestrel Pro Boa

But now to the actual bike stuff. After the original Kestrel with Boa lacing system received mixed feedback and was removed from the lineup last year, Five Ten has completely revised the shoe for 2019. It is now called Kestrel Pro Boa and will be available in two colourways from February 2019 for €179.95. Even though it looks similar to its predecessor, it has been completely redesigned. The fit is said to have been significantly improved; the Boa lacing system has been moved a little further up and no longer reaches as far forward as before. Instead, it’s been replaced by a classic Velcro strap at the lower end. All outer materials are the same as those found on the Freerider Pro or Kestrel Lace.

The Kestrel Pro Boa is still a stiff clipless pedal shoe and has certain similarities to its predecessor, but has been completely redesigned for 2019.
It will be available in two colourways from February 2019 for € 179.95.
The Boa lacing system is now positioned a little further up, no longer reaching to the tip. Instead, a Velcro strap will provide a better fit and relieve the BOA system.
The heel area is now lined entirely with anti-slip material.

An Adidas Samba by Five Ten

The first real joint project presented by Adidas and Five Ten is the Sleuth DLX. They were inspired by the design of the classic Adidas Samba and combined it with elements from the Five Ten universe. The result is a chic, slim flat pedal shoe that should perform well on the bike and look good in daily life. It will also be available in 3 men’s versions and two women’s versions from February 2019 at a price of € 119.95.

The three colour options of the men’s model.
Classic Five Ten sole meets.
… Adidas Samba look.
You will find additional hints in the details on what inspired the shoe.
The women’s model with the contrasting white side strip also looks very nice

Troy Lee Designs Special Edition

Design collaborations with Troy Lee designs are quite popular. From April 2019, Adidas Five Ten will offer a special line of selected models with the abbreviation TLD in its name. For the time being, this is limited to the new Kestrel Pro Boa and the Impact Pro flat pedal shoe shown above. Prices weren’t yet available.

The first two models of the special edition with Troy Lee designs – Kestrel Pro Boa TLD and Impact Pro TLD.
Initially limited to the two shoes, the line will later be supplemented by at least one matching clothing line.

More info available on the Adidas Five Ten Website

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