It’s easy in these times of change in the bike product market to forget about how things evolved. People are now realising that a longer top tube mated with a nice short stem is the way forward for Enduro bikes. The longer frames enabling much better stability at speed, with the shorter stem countering that long feel around the corners, keeping that cockpit feeling precise in it’s steering capabilities.

Agile bar
Agile bar

With the bars, we will be seeing a massive step over to carbon, now it’s strength has been drastically improved, as weight is quickly becoming a big issue with these big hitting, yet light weight machines. But the components, which make up your cockpit have all evolved from something, this is where the word Azonic takes us back to the beginning.

Agile Bars gold_1

Now celebrating their 25th year in the bike business, Azonic are having a bit of a re-launch for 2014, bringing them well and truly bang up to date with the current changes. Looking back to the beginning of fast Dh riders of old, many were sponsored by this trail blazing company, including Missy Giove, Steve Peat, Anne Caroline Chausson and Jason McRoy, just to name a few!

In 1989 O’Neal U.S.A. introduced a line of mountain bike components to the market. The same energy and passion that started O’Neal in 1970 was channeled into establishing this new brand, Azonic.

As with the early days at O’Neal, they worked with top riders in a developing sport to understand what they needed to perform at the highest level. No expense was spared in designing and producing the toughest components the cycling industry had ever seen. At first some critics thought that the products were over engineered, but soon though, Azonic’s quality products became standard equipment for top professional riders around the world. All the brands that followed at the time really were on the back foot in the older days, with Azonic, well and truly leading the way. Their motto back then used to be “Knows no boundaries or limits” They have been working hard to ensure that their new product line stays true to this original belief, working with today’s riders to understand what they now need to push the boundaries even further.

They have sent us over some fantastic new products, and with Enduro trending towards the carbon bars, there isn’t much finer looking than these ones, with their trick woven effect.


Azonic Agile in gold (also available in green, titanium, red, blue, black, metalflake blue, metalflake red, metalflake gold)
RRP: £34.99 (metalflake £39.99)
Weight: 375g (metalflake 390g)
Material: Double-butted 6061t
Diameter: 31.8mm
Width: 780mm
Upsweep 5⁰; backsweep 8⁰ 25mm rise

Agile Bars all colours


Azonic Baretta Evo Stem in gold (also available in black, red, blue) RRP = £39.99 CNC 6061t6 Lazer-etched graphics 31.8mm 50mm extension 196g




Azonic C.F.K Carbon Bars in classic woven carbon fibre with grey graphics (also available with white graphics)
RRP: £99.99
Width: 750mm (also available in 770mm and 790mm)
Diameter: 31.8 (also available in ‘FAT35’)
Upsweep 5⁰; backsweep 8⁰ 20mm rise

check out that weave!
check out that weave!
Great looking carbon
Great looking carbon


Azonic Riot Stem (available in black, blue, red, gold)
RRP: £54.99
Material: CNC 6061t6
Diameter: 31.8mm
40mm extension 0⁰ rise
Weight: 195g
Lazer-etched graphics

40mm Riot stem
40mm Riot stem
Riot Stem
Riot Stem

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Words: Jim Buchanan Photos:2Wheel-Distribution

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