We came here to Russia for the first few training camps with Cedric. We and just arrived and welcomed friends of Trial Group with cold temperatures but the promise of good times! Cedric and I rode first to get to know the tracks, take some nice shots and get everything ready for the camps! We brought 40 Kenny Russian flag T-shirts for all the assistants at the camps! That afternoon we visited Alien bike for the welcome party for all riders and some CG signature time!


And now everything was ready for the first day of camps here in Igora. It was a very cold morning as we introduced ourselves and discussed our plans for the camp! bike set-up, balance check with slalom, adapting technique to the terrain, correct riding position and more.

Day 1 .

To our surprise we had a rider among us that was 69 years old! We figured he wouldn’t ride like all the rest, so we were super happy to see him riding really energetically and trying the lines and jumps! It was a really amazing time to have him and the rest of the riders, learning and riding with us! Although it was cold, it was a nice, sunny day here in Igora!!

At night we spent some time briefing the videos, then dinner time and beer with all the riders!


The day started lot better than Friday, the sun came out and it was warmer. The 20 guys were waiting for Cedric and I to set up the bikes again. Today we had some of the faster riders from Russia, and 3 girls as well!

We started with the slalom that Cedric was checking and correcting. After that, we decide to start doing full runs in the old track and follow all the riders on the runs and see how they turn, and their body positions on the bike.


After a few runs following the girls, correcting some young riders and take some bad habits from some of the faster riders, we went to the new track I built here in Igora together with Trial Group. (www.facebook.com/wecreatebikers) lot of riders were waiting to try the new part with big berms and jumps, so with Cedric we first showed them and then we let them try. We were surprised because lot of riders on the camp did! We took time to check every one of them and ride with them. It is really important take some time to talk with every rider in the camp so that they can improve as much as possible.

Day1 ..

Like Cedric and I said they have big balls, they go all out! All riders noticed how much they improved during the day at the camp! Again and again we did section by section in this new track! We filmed them and viewed the videos during dinner to correct some little aspects!

It was a really nice training camp here in Russia Igora, we had a great time riding and talking with a lot of people. Having lunch and dinner all together made for more fun and good times for all of us!! thanks to Igora, Trial Group, Kenny Equipment, Dvo and Alien Bike for the support in this event!


All the info from camps around the world are coming soon our Facebook Pages!!

Cedric: www.facebook.com/pages/Cedric-Gracia/

Jordi: www.facebook.com/pages/Jordi-Bago/

Words: Jordi Bago | Photos: Leo Zhukov

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