GALFER DB007W Rotor and G1652 eMTB Brake Pads in review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the GALFER DB007W Rotor and G1652 eMTB Brake Pads fared.

UK editor Trev has watched hundreds of brake test cycles on the dynamometer and has seen first hand how different brake pad materials have a huge influence on braking torque, heat resistance and noise. Living in a valley, Trev’s riding is steep-up, steep-down, the rear brake is often feathered to keep the speed down, while still required to deliver violent deceleration to pull down the speed into tight turns – a hard combination for any brake. In pursuit of more power and control, Trev has been testing the new GALFER G1652 brake pads and DB007W 223 mm Wave rotors on his RAAW Madonna.

Talking point
Having red pads in the front and lilac pads in the rear is a great conversation point while loading bikes onto the shuttle
Check compatibility
You need to check your hub and fork can take such a large rotor and will need post-mounts.

With the correct adaptor installation is plug and play, but with the thicker 2 mm rotor you have to make sure your pistons are pushed right back before fitting. Designed primarily for heavier eMTBs, the 223 mm rotors are also ideal for hard-charging 29ers and DH bikes looking for a bit more bite. In back-to-back tests, running a 223 mm rotor against a 203 mm rotor, Trev has experienced less arm pump and more braking torque and control with the bigger rotor. Even dragging the brake purposefully for full runs did not cause any heat deformation or pinging, possibly due to the thicker material used. At 225 g, a 223 mm rotor adds around 100 g of weight compared to a 200 mm SRAM centreline rotor, but the increase in power easily offsets the extra grams. To match the bigger rotors, GALFER have also introduced a new G1652 semi-metallic pad compound aimed at eMTBers, with increased resistance to higher temperatures. The G1652 compounds braking torque feels similar to the stock OEM pads, however fade resistance feels improved, biting more consistently even when abused. Noise is very good, with only a slight burble in the wet, and wear seems to have improved too.

Maximum power
We should not be afraid of big brakes, they work better than smaller ones, it’s just physics.

The new GALFER G1652 pads on the rear, paired with the excellent GALFER Advanced G1851 pad compound and DB007W 223 mm rotor on the front offers tons of power and great modultian. The combination works super well on steep and demanding trails in all weather conditions.


  • 223 mm DB007W rotors increases braking torque and modulation
  • G1652 pads very resistant to fade under feathering
  • More affordable than a brake upgrade


  • GALFER pads are available in most, but not all brake systems
  • The 2.0 mm thick DB007W rotors bring more weight
  • Not every fork is compatible with a 223 mm rotor

Tester Trev
Duration 3 months
Price DB007W rotor (ø223×2,0mm): € 39.90; Adapters for calipers: € 8.15; E-MTB pads compound from: € 20.50
Weight: DB007W rotor (ø223×2,0mm) 225g
More info GALFER EU

Words & Photos: Trev Worsey

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