One of the most anticipated dates of Montenbaik Enduro 2013 took place on September 8th – Check out the Race Report by MontenBaik:


Check this gallery for pictures of the race!


There was a lot of anticipation for several reasons. El Durazno Bike Park, certainly the most ridden trails in Chile had to present new track, so for the organization it was not easy to make trails that had not used before or that nobody knew. So we cleaned up older forgotten trails from the surrounding land, which ended up even leaving us open-mouthed with tired legs. During the weeks prior to the race the expectations to know the complete circuit was tremendous. We received phone calls, messages, whatsapp, etc … trying to get some clues, but as always the track were not revealed until 36 hours before the race.


On Friday after we released the information, many went straight to the hills to ride the trails of the special 1 and 2 which were 100 % new. For some, it was not the best idea because the day of the race they still felt worn down from Friday. On Sunday, 300 riders gathered in a new field to start the race, where again we were fortunate to have an amazing day. On Friday night a little rain fell, so the grip was quite good and the sun very hot, which helped make El Durazno stay true to its name “DURAzno EnDURO ” and left many riders so tired that many missed work the following day. That was no excuse for after (or during) the race the coals started burning and dozens of barbecues cooked up one of the best ambiences we’ve seen at a Montenbaik Enduro.

Whole families gathered to support their loved ones, children riding bikes everywhere, and the exhausted ridders elated after having participated in the “Classic Enduro”, our fifth year here!

kids style

The results changed from the first two dates. Enduro 1 was led by Nico Prudencio (Giant Reign ) who in the courtyard of his house showed his neighbors that the experience and training of competing in 4 dates of EWS in Europe and North America paid off , which leaves him as the leader of the national championship 2013. Second, another local, Claus Plaut on his new Giant Reign took a minute to get over the grief from Felipe Vasquez (Intense Carbine ) who had a close encounter with a cactus that left his hand like an empanada.


Fourth Place Enduro 1 the revelation of this championship, Dirt Biker Roland Spaarwater (KTM Bark) is approaching closer and closer to the head of this great category. In fifth, Milciades Jaque (Commencal Meta AM ) is showing very good regularity in this championship. In sixth place we can not forget Sebastian Vasquez (Trek Slash) who as of sunday was the leader of the championship.


In Enduro 2 the Junior Pedro Burns, In the early morning prior to riding the Montenbaik Enduro, he competed and came second in the Inter-School Championships in Chicure . So congratulations to Pedro and his parents for taking him from one competition to another. Second Enduro 2 was the Master Promo A Sebastian Barriga who they are already calling the Enduro Master A 1. In third place there was a tie between Fernando Riquelme and Jose Tomas Vial, a new junior who comes to fighting for the lead.


All results – Here

Check this gallery for pictures of the race!

Words: Eduardo de Solminihac | Photos: Claudio Olguin

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