Already 3 years since the beginning of the adventure. Back from his freeride quest in Vancouver, Julien Prenez suggested to his good friend Pierre Luc Vaxelaire to try enduro. After 10 years of XC racing, they discovered another spirit of mountain biking. No more performance, just fun with friends, road trips and good times on the bike. One day they met Aurélien in the mountains, a true passionate old school biker. A week later the 3 guys went on a road trip around Europe to find new trails. That’s how everything got started, at the end of the trip the team was born.


In 2012, the guys got the support from Cube Bicycle to participate to European Enduro main events like Megavalanche, Mountain of Hell or Enduro Series. Every event was a fun experience, whatever the result was, they always had good times. During that year they met the talented photographer Benoit Grebaux that immortalized great moments in there native home mountains : « Les Vosges ». Thinking it was a good idea to share there favorite singletracks, they created their own Enduro event. The first edition was a success, many participants came and also famous riders like Nicolas Lau & Remy Absalon. They just wanted to create an event according to their spirit: good trails and good after ride party !

Giromagny--6 Giromagny--5

In 2013 the new partnership with the clothing brand ION took the team to the next level. Paul Malissard joined the crew to participate to the first Enduro World Series ever in Punta Ala. In parallel, the team invest more and more time movie-making and travelling projects. Whereas a professional team chooses it’s riders for their performance level, the guys are united by a strong friendship and a shared passion : the quest of the funniest ride ever. Their slogan becomes obvious : « Bicycle, mountain and fellowship ».


For 2014, the team’s growing with the arrival of a Pierre Fluckiger, coach, mechanic and also a trajectory genius. Corentin Althusser who comes from BMX with impressive technical skills and new ideas for our communication is involved in the team. As a little sweet touch in the team, Déborah Motsch AKA Debi takes part of the story. She has always been mountain biking and currently achieves the same pilgrimage as Julien 3 years ago, at BC BIKE RACE in Vancouver.

Things are in safe hands with Thomas Prenez, Julien’s little brother who often joins the guys and jumps on junior podiums every single time he runs an enduro race (Orcières Maxiavalanche winner).

Giromagny--4 Giromagny--3

For 2014, the program is complete ; you will meet the happy herd on about 20 national events as Bluegrass Enduro Tour and also international events like Whistler or Finale Ligure EWS, Alpe d’Huez Megavalanche.


This year, the Enduro de Giromagny will take place on the 7th of September and the team organises a new all-inclusive event called Giromagny Invitational, a full riding weekend, without stopwatch, reserved to about 30 people as a first instance. Toinemedia video production will follow the team along the year in order to capture the adventures. The bike mates still have lots of surprises up their sleeves, 2014 looks full of bicylcettes and French baguettes!

Check their Facebook page and their Website.

Words: GET | Photo: Benoit Grébaux – Edgar Hans

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