Gravel is the perfect intersection between the lycra devotees of the road cosmos and the off-road community. The crew of our sister magazine GRAN FONDO embodies pure gravel love like nobody else. After you have already met Ben on the cover and in our “Brother from another Mother” story in this issue, we certainly don’t want to withhold the editorial gravel highlights of GRAN FONDO from you.


In their search for the best gravel bike for 2021, the GRAN FONDO testers let the 13 most important and most exciting models compete directly with each other in their in-depth group test. How much does a good gravel bike cost? What is the best model for you and what is the best all-rounder overall? The answers to these questions and much more can be found in the current GRAN FONDO Issue #016. Stylish, casual, completely free and in the app format you already know and love.
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The gravel bike buyer’s guide –
How to find your perfect gravel bike

You want to experience your well known home trails in a new way? Gravel bikes are the perfect choice for that and an absolute fun to ride on almost any surface! But there’s one problem: Your head is spinning with the abundant choice of gravel bikes on market and you finally want some clarity? Which gravel bike categories are there and how do gravel bikes differ from other bikes? How much do you have to invest on a good gravel bike and which other costs can you expect? Is 700C the perfect wheel size and carbon the best material for a gravel bike? Our detailed gravel bike buyers’ guide has answers to these and many other questions and it’s your go-to source if you need help finding the right gravel bike!
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The best bikepacking bike on review –
12 all-rounders from gravel to mountain bikes head to head

Your home trails simply don’t cut it anymore? Well, good. Bikepacking and heading out to enjoy nature on two wheels are more popular than ever before. The GRAN FONDO crew went in search of a bike that offers the perfect combination of long-distance suitability, versatility and baggage hauling ability. After hundreds of kilometres and numerous nights outdoors, will it be a gravel bike at the top of the podium or will the full-suspension mountain bike surprise us all? Find out!
Which bikepacking-bike should it be?

he bag encyclopedia –
Everything you need to know about bikepacking bags

You’re interested in bikepacking but you’ve got no idea where to put all of your luggage? Or you’re looking for a light, slimmed down method of carrying your things on your commute? GRAN FONDO compiled an overview of everything you need to know on the topic of bikepacking bags and explain which models work best for whom.
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Gravel tire group test –
On the search for the best all-rounder

You have already found the perfect gravel bike and are looking for tuning possibilities? The best and most effective upgrade on your bike? A tire that suits you, your bike and where you’ll be using it. With all of gravel riding’s demands, it’s particularly important to have firm and safe contact with the ground. Our colleagues at GRAN FONDO alternated between their lab coats and putting in the miles on gravel roads, forest highways and flowing trails to find the best all-round gravel tire.
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