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Hayes Dominion A4 brake – developed from the ground up with unique features

Hayes presented an entirely new 4-piston brake at EUROBIKE. With the Dominion A4 the US manufacturer finally wants to get back into the high-end market, so we found out what the new brake has to offer.

The demands on disc brakes have steadily increased in recent years. Hayes was among the leaders for many years but has not quite been able to keep up with the competition. That’s all about to change, the new Hayes Dominion A4 will appeal to enduro and trail riders as well as downhillers and ebikers. Besides being extremely powerful, the brakes promise easy modulation also.

With the Dominion A4, Hayes is back in the brake market

With LoFi technology (low input force, high fidelity output force), riders should be able to generate a lot of braking force with minimum play and low finger force. The progression curve of the brake is very linear in order to improve braking modulation.

The lever offers tool-free reach adjustment
The lever travel can be adjusted to your own preferences with an Allen key

The brake callipers are touted to be the stiffest in the company’s history, thanks in part to the so-called KingPin split pin for the brake pads. The distinctive feature, however, is the bleed system since there are two bleed ports on the brake calliper. As with many motorcycle brakes, the system should guarantee perfect bleed results.

The new Dominion A4 comes with the well-known crosshair system for fine adjustment of the brake callipers
The new D-Series rotors feature a specially polished surface designed to effectively prevent vibrations
Hayes Dominion uses DOT 5.1 brake fluid and offers a guarantee on the durability of the seals

The weight of the Hayes Dominion A4 is 310 g (with a 90 cm brake hose including pads and screws), the rotors weigh 160 g (180 mm) and 200 g (203 mm). The pair of brakes will go for € 470 , plus an additional € 51 per rotor.

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