More room is almost impossible – the High Above Cascadia has one of the largest usable volumes in the entire test and is also completely waterproof. But you’ll have to make some compromises.

Price: $ 100 (including bottle holder) | Weight: 220 g (+ 34 g bottle holder) | Volume: approx. 3.4 litres

As all bags handmade in the US, the High Above Cascadia features the highest quality workmanship and materials. The compartment is made entirely of waterproof material and has a waterproof zipper. High Above deliver their waist pack with a removable bottle holder and two detachable straps, which can be used to carry spare clothing items. Customers can customise their bum bag by choosing a different colour for each panel of the pack which puts the price of $ 100 into perspective.

Almost all parts of the High Above Cascadia can be individually customised.

In purely mathematical terms, the High Above Cascadia only has a capacity of just under 3.4 litres. In practice, together with the Bedrock Bags and the Leatt, it actually offers the largest usable storage space of all bags in this test. The wide design, long front zipper and the absence of partitions in the main pocket – except for the two pockets on the rear – are mainly responsible for this. Apart from the lack of smaller compartments, the Cascadia has another disadvantage: unlike most of its competitors, it can’t be compressed against the body. If you don’t fill the pack completely or don’t carry a soft bulky item in it – a jacket for example – all contents will fly around inside the pack. Unfortunately, neither are the rear high enough nor the two dividers wide enough to fit a mobile phone, which is a shame considering the size of the bag. Due to its wider rear, the Cascadia also builds up slightly more heat than other packs and also absorbs sweat. Having said that, it also dries rather quickly.

In terms of actual usable storage space, the High Above Cascadia is second to none. Given the lack of compression straps and the very few compartments, the big main pocket needs to be filled entirely to prevent the contents from flying around inside the pack.
The outer material and zipper are waterproof
The bottle holder is removable and included in the scope of delivery.

The removable bottle holder works very well and is never in the way despite being positioned relatively far out. With the help of two removable straps you can latch a jacket or spare jersey to the lid. Thanks to the forward-facing zipper, the item attached to the lid won’t get in the way when you try to access the main pocket. But then we’re wondering: how much stuff are you carrying around with you if you managed to use up the entire storage space and still need to attach something to the outside?

The straps are included in the price and allow you to attach a clothing item, like a jacket or a jersey, to the outside of the fanny pack.
Made in the U.S.A. – and, unfortunately, that’s also where you have to order it.

In terms of comfort, the lack of internal compartmentalisation is the only real drawback. Since the contents can’t be secured inside the main compartment, they’ll fly around inside the pack if this isn’t fully loaded. Thanks to the thin padding, the wide construction and the well-formed, thin hip fins, the bag always sits very comfortably. Considering the size of the pack, it is also astonishingly stable. The big loading capacity and water resistant material make it a great option for unpredictable, cold wet weather and thus the ideal choice for riders who want to carry a spare jersey or rain jacket but don’t want to compromise on comfort and stability.

Note: depending on the colour, the outer surface of the X-Pac fabric is either made of light and smooth nylon (VX21) or stiffer, heavier Cordura fabric (VX51). Head over to the High Above website and look for the pictures of the different fabric samples. If you’re still in the dark after looking at the samples or if you have special requests you can always contact customer support. The test model in our pictures is made of the lighter fabric.


  1. uncomfortable
  2. unobtrusive


  1. low
  2. high

Compartment Layout

  1. poor
  2. excellent


  1. unpleasant
  2. pleasant

Ease of Use

  1. fiddly
  2. straight forward


  1. poor
  2. very good


The High Above Cascadia is basically a dry pack without the roll top closure. It’s waterproof, super light, and has tons of storage space and a snug fit. Unfortunately, the Cascadia is also a minimalist on the inside, where it renounces any sort of useful partition – and there aren’t any compression straps either. However, if you manage to make full use of the huge storage space, you’ll get a very comfortable, high-quality and customisable fanny pack – true to the motto: simple but good.


  • Highly water resistant
  • Huge usable storage space
  • Stable fit
  • Light and comfortable
  • Highest quality
  • Customisable


  • No compression straps
  • Very few compartments
  • Only direct orders from the U.S.
  • Rear padding absorbs sweat
  • Not suitable for mobile phones despite its big size

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Words: Photos: Andreas Maschke, Christoph Bayer