Highlights from the CORE Bike show 2020

The UK’s trade only CORE bike show is an excellent place for distributors to meet up with retailers, talk bikes and see what’s new for the season. Loaded up on bad service station coffee, the UK ENDURO team took a drive down to see if they could find any fresh products that are coming in 2020. While there were no huger surprises, here’s a collection of the team favourites

ENDURA release affordable Singletrack Onesie

We love a onesie here, and there is no better way to keep the mud and rain outside during the darker months. The kings of the Onesie are undoubtedly Scottish company Endura; their MT500 Onesie is like a suit of armour against the worst of winter. However, it is VERY expensive. Understanding their core audience, Endura has now rolled down the Onesie concept to their more affordable Singletrack line. Retailing for £199, their new Singletrack Onesie is made using their Exoshell20 fabric with a 10,000 / 20,000 waterproof and breathability rating. With a design that looks like a two-piece, but with enhanced protection, we can see this being super popular on shuttles and in bike parks.

For more information check out the Endura website.

The new Singletrack Onesie is made using Exoshell20 fabric with a 10,000 / 20,000 waterproof and breathability rating
Like a mullet, it’s a two piece from the front, and a Onesie from the back
Retailing for £199, the Singletrack Onesie will appeal to core riders and the shuttle crew.

Hope Technology go E

If you look up “bike bling’ in the dictionary, you will see an entry for Hope Technology. At the pinnacle of CNCed goodies for, well, forever, their experience in CNCed aluminium products is unrivalled with their hubs and components found on bikes throughout the world. Recognising the potential of the eMTB explosion, Hope Technology now offers e-Bike specific cranks compatible with Bosch Gen 2, Yamaha PW, Brose and even a Specialized Turbo system. The cranks measure 155 or 165 mm, optimised for maximum ground clearance and are manufactured from Forged and CNC machined 7075 aluminium. Available in black, blue, red, silver, purple and orange they are the perfect way to customise your ride. Hope now also offer Direct Mount Chainrings Compatible with most motors, designed to withstand the increased demands of an eMTB drivetrain.

For more information, check out the Hope Technology website.

If you want to customise your eMTB motor with a Hope chainring and crank, now you can.
Hope’s direct mount eMTB chainrings are built tough and compatible with most motor systems.
Hope are also extending their brake rotor lineup with Centrelock options

Topeak Mini PT30 multitool with tubeless plug insertor

Tubeless rocks! That is, until you poke a hole in your tire. Luckily we now have tire plugs for rapid tire repair in the field; however, if you’re absent-minded, it’s easy to forget the plug insertion tool. Mini-tool experts Topeak have updated their classic 30 functions Mini PT30 tool with a tire reamer and plug insertion tool, meaning you no longer have to stow a plug insertion tool AND a multi-tool separately.

For more information, check out the Topeak website.

The Topeak Mini PT30 tool has a tire reamer and plug insertion tool. Now you have all you need in one tool (aside from the plug)

Cane Creek update the Thudbuster ST and bring innovation to the bottom bracket market

If, like us, you hate replacing bottom brackets three times a year – well we do live in Scotland – you will love the new Cane Creek Hellbender Bottom Bracket. Borrowing technology from industrial bearings, in collaboration with bearing experts SKF, using their MTRX solid oil concept, instead of using grease in the BB, a solid oil material is injected around the bearings. The solid oil gives the same smooth operation but does not have any grease that can be washed away. Cane Creek promise much longer bearing life, we are keen to get a bottom bracket on test to find out if the technology is more than (solid) snake oil. Cane Creek has also updated their ThudBuster ST with touring eMTBs in mind, with a 150kg rider weight capacity and 50 mm of tunable elastomer travel it’s the perfect low maintenance suspension alternative.

For more information, check out the Cane Creek website.

Cane Creek’s innovative Hellbender Bottom Bracket uses solid oil technology from SKF
There is no grease to wash out
The Thudbuster ST sees and update too, with increased weight capacity to 150kg

Abus launches new Quin technology in their MTB helmets.

After a significant investment into road helmets last year, Abus is now making a move into the MTB helmet market. Their new £149.99 Montrailer and £119 Moventor in-mould EPS helmets feature Abus’s new Quin system. Accelerometers in the helmet work in collaboration with an app on your phone that can send your location and message requesting help if your helmet AND phone detect an impact or fall. By communicating with your phone, the Quin system reduces the number of false alarms should you, for example, drop your helmet into the car after a ride.

For more information, check out the Abus website.

Quin Sensors in the back of the new Abus helmets, connect with your phone to send an alert if you crash.

Nukeproof release new Pedals, Bars and Kids bike

Nukeproof always have new products to release at CORE bike show. The biggest news was new Sam Hill Signature pedals. Noticing that Sam Hills mechanic was filing down Sam’s personal Horizon pedals to chamfer the leading edge, Nukeproof has re-profiled the popular pedals to match Sam’s exacting requirements. The popular concave platform and pin positioning is the same, but they are now 23g lighter. The pedals will retail for £84.99 with a full-bling titanium axle model available for £159.99. Nukeproof had two new chain guides on display, fully designed in-house the co-moulded polymer guides with 6061 alloy backplates are compatible with chainrings from 28-36T. Nukeproof have also revised their Horizon handlebar range, the carbon model features a 3k weave at the bar ends to increase longevity and safety, and particle paint is added to the contact areas to avoid slippage. The biggest change is that the carbon and aluminium bars now have a new offset which reduces bar arch (shortening the distance between bar and rider) by 10 mm as you roll the bar. This helps to preserve bike reach, important as seat angles grow increasingly steeper. Finally, we spotted a super cool Nukeproof Cub Scout kids hardtail, Nukeproof will be offering the high-specification Cub Scout in 20, 24 and 26-inch wheels and two specifications for each wheel size. Rumour has it that Sam Hill already has his kids shredding around on the Cub Scouts.

For more information, check out the Nukeproof website.

The new Nukeproof Sam Hill Signature Horizon pedal, lighter, re-profiled and undoubtably faster (maybe)
As always, Nukeproof is offering the pedals in a range of colours.
The new Nukeproof chain devices look simple and effective,
Nukeproof has offset their popular Horizon bars to have a familiar sweep without reducing a bikes reach.
The new Nukeproof Cub Scout kids range looks awesome, more news to follow.

Brand-X launch new 200 mm Ascend Dropper

For those looking for an affordable dropper post, Brand-X is always high on the list. Their simple but effective Ascend dropper boasts no-frills performance, with an ergonomic lever and robust sealed cartridge internals. Lanky riders will be pleased to discover than Brand-X will be releasing a new 200 mm version with revised bushing overlaps to give even the tallest riders ample drop. Just like the recently launched 170 mm XL model, the new 200 mm model should retail for £169.99.

For more information, check out the Brand-X website.

Brand-X push their popular Ascend dropper to 200 mm

WTB Verdict

While not a new product, we were impressed with the WTB Verdict tires. Especially the Verdict Wet which looks like a proper weapon for loose and sloppy trails. With a super aggressive profile, the tall and chunky knobs look like they will punch into even the most off-camber of corners. Available in 29 and 27.5 sizes in 2.5-inch width, the WTB Verdict is available in TCS Tough and TCS Light sidewalls, and weights between 1066 – 1291 g. The Verdict Wet is available only in TCS Tough and weights 1266 g for the 27.5 and 1332 g for the 29er version.

For more information, check out the WTB website.

The WTB Verdict range looks just the ticket for cutting into loose trails

SECTOR Armoured 9i Wheels

It was hard to miss these new SECTOR wheels from Kinesis bikes. What we initially thought was a graphic on the surface of the SECTOR 9i carbon wheel is a functional TexTreme layer. TexTreme Innegra is based on a polypropylene claimed to increase compliance, vibration damping and resistance to damage. SECTOR claim the material results in higher strength and reduced weight, and in tests was 50% more complaint in vertical deflection when compared to the same rim shape made from 100% T700 UD carbon fibre. Indeed striking, we will look to get a set of the £1100, 1690 g, 29 mm internal 29er wheels in for a test.

For more information, check out the Kinesis Bikes website.

What we initially thought was a graphic on the surface of the SECTOR 9i carbon wheel is a functional TexTreme layer

Sprindex Adjustable Spring

One for the tinkerers. Distributor 2PURE is now bringing in the novel Sprindex adjustable springs. The biggest problem with coil-sprung rear suspension is that they offer no real adjustment, aside from a small amount of preload adjustment which should only be used to remove play from the system. The new Sprindex springs allow for adjustment of the spring rate, Sprindex works by altering the number of active coils available for deflection, the fewer coils available for deflection make for a stiffer spring. Using a tool-free rotating collar, Sprindex allows you to adjust your coil’s spring rate to any rate within a specific range. It’s an interesting idea for sure, and we are excited to see if it works on the trail.

For more information, check out the Sprindex website.

If you want to adjust your bikes spring rate on the fly, now you can.

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