The Fidlock TWIST family has grown

The TWIST family has 4 new members.

What initially started with the 600 ml Bottle Twist is now a complete mountainbike-specific product portfolio. Fidlock looked at the needs of the modern mountain biker and reworked their entire portfolio by revisiting their existing products and introducing new ones.
The new line-up of the Hannover-based manufacturer includes a small box called the Frame Bag 800 and a universal bottle holder that fits all frame-tubing sizes and goes by the name of Uni Base.

In addition, the Uni Connector 80 can take all types of standard bottles up to a diameter of 8 cm. Thanks to the sophisticated BOA- string System the thin strings can adapt to any bottle shape. All of this is combined with the well-known and proven TWIST-Technology. Also new is the Saddle Bag 600, which is attached to the saddle via a Fidlock PUSH System. The bag can be removed by pushing a big button forward, whilst attachment occurs via TWIST technology and thanks to a magnet. Super-easy even while riding.

The Uni Connector 80 supports all sorts of standard bottles with a diameter of up to 8 cm against the TWIST-holder.
Mit der uni base Halterung lassen sich jetzt auch an sämtlichen Rohren deines Rades die Fidlock TWIST-Produkte befestigen.
With the Uni Base, all Fidlock TWIST-products can be attached to all types of frame-tubes. The Saddle Bag 600 offers additional storage under the saddle and can be accessed whilst riding, thanks to the PUSH-Technology.

The revised product-portfolio also features a gravity version of the well-known Bottle Twist 600, which is once again secured to the holder via a narrow aluminium band that reaches around the bottle body. This will keep the bottle in place even on the roughest downhill descents.

The new Bottle Twist 450 is both a novelty and an update. With a smaller volume of 450 ml it will now fit into most mountain bike and e-mountain bike frames that only offer little room in the frame triangle. The price for the smaller version of the Bottle Twist 600 will be around € 34, all other prices will be announced before spring 2018. Also those interested in the new product-line will have to be patient until spring 2018, which is the earliest-known release date.

The thin aluminium strap now secures the Bottle Twist 600 even on rough downhill descents.
Thanks to its smaller volume the new Bottle Twist 450 should also fit those frames that don’t have enough room for the bigger version with 600 ml.

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