Even while we are still working off some Christmas holiday weight, and desperately trying to cling to New Year’s resolutions, bike show season is upon us tempting us with shiny new bike goodness. Just last month, the trade only shows of CORE and THE BIKE PLACE brought us some fresh product, and now it’s the turn of the first public show of the year, The London Cycle Show, held in the heart of London. Our editor popped down to sniff out the good, the bad and the just plain ugly.

Hope Academy Program

Hope Technology don’t agree that kids bike have to be heavy, so are rolling out their Academy program, providing affordable rental bikes that grow as your kids do – from 12 to 26 inch wheels. Not only are they strong enough for any amount of kerb hopping, and tough enough for the abuse that only a child can dispense, they are also dripping in sweet Hope components. All your kids have to worry about now is stopping mum & dad pinching parts for their own bikes.

More info: hopetech.com

Orange Stage 5

After testing a prototype of this bike, we can say without reservation that’s it more exhilarating than riding on the wing of a eurofighter in nothing but your underpants. With 135 mm of supportive travel, a racy geometry that begs to be abused and single pivot simplicity, the £5500 Stage5 is a bike that blurs boundaries and has enough speed to pull many a longer traveled bikes pants down.

More info: orangebikes.co.uk

ION Rascal Clipless Shoes

Let’s face it, when it comes to poor style, most clipless shoes are right up there with the classic sock and sandal combo. These new ION Rascal shoes look set to change all that, mixing high performance with a design that does not look like it was penned in the dark. We have been riding a pair of these all winter and can summarize them in one word. Awesome.

More info: ion-products.com

Stanton Slackline

Some designs just work, and the Stanton Slackline is the very definition of clean lines and purposeful intent. Available in Reynolds 803 steel and now Titanium, the Slackline whispers a Siren’s call from the bike shed, luring you away from Netflix and Top Gear repeats, seducing you into the woods where it can have it’s evil way with your knees. Just looking at the £599 frame you can tell it will make you grin like a kid at Christmas.

More info: stantonbikes.com