We have already explained how to tune the spring characteristic of a Fox Float CTD Shock (klick) and a RockShox Pike Fork (klick) to your personal needs. Today we show you how you can customize the air chamber size of a RockShox Monarch shock to suit your weight and riding style.

Every bicycle manufacturer spends (before the presentation of a bike) a lot of time working with suspension experts, finding the correct tune for the bikes suspension characteristics. Nevertheless, it can sometimes happen that the performance of the shock is not perfect for every rider.

For some the rear is too progressive, not using enough of the suspension travel, with the shock chopping through too quickly and not giving not enough feedback from the ground.

If you are having problems with your shock performance, you can easily adjust the characteristics by adjusting the air chamber volume of the shock. If your shock is too linear, it is advisable to reduce the air chamber volume, if it is too progressive and does not use much suspension travel, the air chamber volume should be increased. We will now walk you through this process, and show you how it works:

Das benötigte Werkzeug im Überblick.
These are the required tools.




  • valve screwdriver
  • Pick or long nose pliers

How to:

Wie so oft wird zu Beginn der Arbeit an Federelementen der Ventilkern entfernt, um den Druck vom System zu nehmen.
At the beginning you should unscrew the valve using a valve screwdriver, ensuring that there is no more pressure in the air chamber.
Im Anschluss muss der Dichtring mit Hilfe eines Pick oder Hakens entfernt werden.
Subsequently, the retaining ring has to be removed with the pick or a long nose pliers.
Gut zu erkennen - an unserem Modell ist noch kein Volumen Spacer montiert. Wem in diesem Fall der Spacer noch zu linear ist, der muss in eine größere Luftkammer investieren um das Fahrwerk linearer abstimmen zu können.
What you hope to see – in our model there is no volume spacer mounted. If this setting is still too progressive for you, you have to invest some money in a larger air chamber to be able to make your suspension more linear.
Im Anschluss können bereits die Volumen Spacer platziert werden. Um Veränderungen und Tendenzen besser zu spüren empfehlen wir zu Beginn das Volumen um zwei Spacer zu variieren.
Now the volume spacers can be placed. In order to be able to observe the changes we recommend starting by varying the volume with two spacers.
Das wars auch schon: Die Luftkammer kann wieder aufgeschoben werden.

That’s it: The air chamber can be pushed back again. It is recommended that you put some oil (here you find it) on the seals of the shock before you replace the air chamber.
Damit sie auch an Ort und stelle bleibt, wird sie wieder mit dem Sicherungsring fixiert.
To secure the air chamber in the correct position, make sure it is properly secured with the lock ring again.
Nun kann auch schon das Ventil wieder eingeschraubt werden.
Now the valve can get screwed back in.
Nachdem der Dämpfer wieder mit Luft befüllt wurde seit ihr auch schon wieder "ready to go".
After you put the air back in your shock you are ready to go.

Words: Christoph Bayer / Trevor Worsey Picutres: Christoph Bayer

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