If you ride hard, you deserve to chill hard. Our two chief chillers have set off on a relaxed mission away from the trail to see how they could most comfortably repurpose their bikes. This is what they came up with.

Enjoying the mountain panorama while having a sandwich. Waiting for your bro to repair yet another puncture, or waiting until the last one in your group gets down the 1 km long root infested trail. As bikers, there are moments where you have to kill time like mosquitoes in the summer by a lake. But hey people, relax! Ever thought of switching the bike to chill mode? We did a bit of experimentation to see what could be done. From quick stops to long breaks – surprisingly, a bike offers all sorts of relaxation potential. The aim of all positions, ultimately, is to enjoy a significantly higher level of comfort and to offer a bit of variety instead of just standing or squatting on the saddle. Check it out and have a relaxing break the next time you wait.

The circus monkey

Is this chilling? Not quite, but it’s somehow still relaxing. This is a move for short interruptions, those times where getting off your bike is not worthwhile. So sit, stretch your legs and keep your balance with your feet on the front wheel.

Chillfactor 2/10

Double Trouble

Don’t worry, this exercise looks more complicated than it really is. Place the bikes side by side, facing opposite directions. Sit down on the rear wheel, placing your feet somewhere on the opposite front wheel. This position can be quite comfortable for a while and it leaves a lasting impression on other riders.

Chillfactor 3/10*
*unless you’re a tightrope walker, who’d be somewhere at 12.

Sunny Side Up

Think different. Just turn the bike upside down and take a seat on the downtube, resting against the front wheel as if it were the chaise longue de luxe. Basically, a great position to enjoy a break on the summit. But watch out: do not sit on the chainring!

Chillfactor 4/10

Chip shop – regular

Good for about 5 minutes, but the wider the tire, the more comfortable you will be. Try it for a spontaneous change in position, to relax the back and shoulders and prepare them for the next stage.

Chillfactor 9/10

Chip shop – fakie

Easy going, and hanging loose. A less mainstream position to take some strain off your back and legs. Just squat on the front wheel and lean casually on the handlebar. The chip shop style for the evenings.

Chillfactor 6/10


This is a position that can be implemented quickly and easily. Get off, raise your leg to let it dangle over your saddle and then, if you want, casually lean on your elbow. A treat for your back, hip and shoulders.

Chillfactor 7/10

Lazy Ass

The classic for when it might take a bit longer but could carry on at a moments notice. Ready to go with the lazy ass. Simply sit your rear end across the top tube. The bike and your legs at 45 ° to each other. The beauty of it: you can use the saddle and the handlebar as armrests

Chillfactor 9/10

Bike Bench

With the bike bench, you can make yourself comfortable on the top tube to rest your legs and enjoy the view. It is important to setup correctly: DO NOT place the bike on its drive side, and leave the pedal at the top. This way your bike bench rests firmly on the ground, and you can rest assured. Chill factor:

Chillfactor 11/10

What is your favourite position? Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Words: Sven Günzel Photos: Valentin Rühl