The RockShox Pike is currently indisputably one of the best, if not THE best enduro fork on the market! This was also our findings in our fork group test from Issue # 009 of Enduro magazine. More and more bikes are now being sold with the fork fitted as standard, and many more riders are adding the Pike to their own bikes. However, to get the best out of the fork it needs to be set up to work in harmony with the rear end. The Pike comes with an adjustable air chamber, allowing the volume to be changed making the fork either more linear (increased volume) or more progressive (reduced volume). We will now explain how to adjust your fork to find the best setup for your bike!

RockShox offers the rider a very easy way to adjust the characteristic of the new Pike. Supplying the fork with plastic pre-made, screw in spacers – called “Tokens”, that can be screwed into the top cap of the air chamber. We will now walk you through this process.

Normally the Tokens are supplied with a new fork.

Application of the tokens is to the fork model, here you can find an overview of how many you can install and how this affects the characteristics:

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  • 24mm socket plus ratchet, ideally a torque wrench
  • valve screwdriver
  • possibly 6mm Allen Key

How to:

Das benötigte Werkzeug ist sehr übersichtlich. Der 6er Inbus wird nur in dem Fall benötigt falls bereits Tokkens verbaut sind und sich diese nicht von Hand öffnen lassen.
These are the required tools. The 6mm Allen Key is only needed if Tokens are already installed and cannot be removed by hand.
Zu Beginn sollte mit Hilfe eines Venitlschraubendrehers das Ventil ausgeschraubt werden, damit sich kein Überdruck mehr in der Luftkammer befindet.
At the beginning you should unscrew the valve using a valve screwdriver, ensuring that there is no more pressure in the air chamber.
Im Anschluss kann die Top-Cap mit Hilfe der 24er Nuss entfernt werden.
The next step is to remove the top-cap with the help of the 24mm Socket.
Der Token wird nun einfach von unten an die Abschlusskappe geschraubt.
The token is then simply screwed on below the top cap.
Im Anschluss wird diese wieder von oben in die Luftkammer geschraubt und mit der 24er Nuss verschlossen. Das Anzugsdrehmoment sollte laut SRAM bei 7,3 Nm liegen.
Now you can screw the top cap back in again from the top of the air chamber, and sealing it with the 24mm nut. According to SRAM the tightening torque should be 28 Nm .
Nachdem das Ventil wieder eingeschraubt wurde kann die Gabel nun wieder auf den gewünschten Luftdruck aufgepumpt werden.
After the valve has been screwed in again the fork can now be re-inflated to the desired air pressure.

Words: Christoph Bayer / Trevor Worsey Picutres: Christoph Bayer

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