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Hype This! 8 Items of MTB Bling

Below you’ll find 8 of the finest MTB related products and bling to feast your eyes over! Continue on reading or head over to issue #024 to check out the original article.

SILCA T-Ratchet Tool


Some multitools are destined to be lost in kit bags or dropped on the trail, but not the new Kickstarter Silca T-Ratchet. Ingenious and stylish, it’s the sort of tool you will pass down to your grandkids. The T-Ratchet features a 72-tooth ratchet with five-degree engagement, which helps when working in tight spaces, and can be used with any ¼” bit. For sensitive jobs, an optional Ti-Torque extender with torque wrench ensures that you don’t screw up your expensive carbon parts. The Kickstarter campaign has already reached full backing, so get in there quick.

More information:
Price: T-Ratchet Kit 40 $ / inkl. Ti-Torque-Kit 85 $

[emaillocker id=142460]

ShockWiz suspension analytics


DustyDynamics took Kickstarter by storm when they pitched their ShockWiz to the public. The small device simply screws into the air chamber of your fork or shock, silently analysing your suspension while you ride before working its voodoo magic and telling your smartphone how effective (or not) your setup is. ShockWiz has now been bought by SRAM, and existing Kickstarter orders will be fulfilled with Quarq-branded units. Whether you ride with the grace of a butterfly – or that of a bag of hammers – ShockWiz will get you in tune, so we just need to see when SRAM brings them to the market.

Price: tba
Availability: tba
More information:

BikeYoke RockShox Reverb cable-operated remote


We all love the RockShox Reverb: its performance is unquestioned, but in a crash the sexy remote hydraulic push-button is about as robust as the UK’s post-Brexit economy. Upgrade specialists BikeYoke have come up with an ingenious DeHy cable-operated remote that is easily fitted in place of the entire hydraulic system of the Reverb, transforming the post into a cable-operated post that no longer needs to be bled. The installation process is simple enough for an enthusiastic home mechanic, and the DeHy remote offers a more ergonomic action than the standard remote.

More information:
Price: 92,35 €

Cane Creek DIALED-App


There are two things in life that are impossible to do without help: assemble Ikea flat-pack furniture, and perfect your suspension setup. Even though the first will forever remain a mystery, when it comes to setting up your shocks Cane Creek have you covered. Their new DIALED app takes you through every step of the process, from initial setup right through to tuning in your own damping nirvana. Each step has clear instructions and teaches you what to look out for. Now you can finally use your smartphone for something smarter than Pokemon Go.

Price: Free
Download: iOS / Android

Renthal Traction Grips


There’s not really a lot to say about bike grips, so here’s an interesting fact. The Saltwater Crocodile has the most powerful bite in the animal kingdom – over 7,700 lbs per square inch! Luckily, you need considerably less force to hang onto the new Renthal Traction grips, as their new waffle design and integrated aluminium lock-on endcaps provide bags of grip for even the most feeble of riders. The grips are available in four different compounds, including the amazing Super Tacky compound, which is as sticky as an octopus covered in superglue.

Price: 31,90 €
More information:

Poler Napsack


The Poler Napsack is the pinnacle of hipster sleeping bags. Targeted at the urban adventurer, it will ensure you are the talk of any campsite, festival, or fireside guitar session. The Napsack features arm and leg holes, allowing you to walk around sipping flat whites in toasty comfort before retreating back inside for warmth when the fun stops. If you tried to use one camping in the real mountains you would certainly die, but it’s the perfect way of living out any caterpillar fantasies you may have. You could, of course, wear one to the pub for that essential post ride beer – but you shouldn’t as people will laugh at you!

Price: 200 $
Colours: diverse
More information:

Intense Primer


Intense seem to have got it just right this year, releasing three bikes in quick succession that have every magazine journalist frothing at the mouth. While the Intense Primer’s 29er wheels and 130 mm of travel give it agility and lightweight credentials, it’s the ease with which it dishes out speed that impresses most. Like a Russian Olympic sprinter, it rockets down the trail with enough velocity to turn your face inside out. Blending Kardashian levels of bling in the looks department with blistering performance, it’s going to be a bike to watch in 2017!

Price: 9.499 $ (mit SRAM Eagle)
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
More information:


Trek Slash 9.9 Race Shop Limited 2017

Trek 2017 Slash 9.9 RSL 29 ENDURO magazine-7793

We’re not sure what they’re drinking in Trek’s HQ, but we like it! This year the entire Trek range shifted up a gear and got a lot spicier. On paper the Fuel became the Remedy, the Remedy became the Slash, and the Slash just went bonkers. Now with 29er wheels, 150 mm of rear suspension, and a travel-adjustable 160mm fork, the new Slash is a beast (and looks so sexy we would sell an organ just to stroke it). With an aggressive geometry, ABP EVO suspension, stunning looks and great builds, it will certainly be the bike to beat in 2017. The sole problem is that only drug dealers and doctors will be able to afford one.

Price: 7.699 € (9.9)/5.499 € (9.8)
Sizes: 15,5″, 17,5″, 19,5″, 21,5″
More information:

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