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Hype This! 8 Items of MTB Bling

Below you’ll find 8 of the finest MTB related products and bling to feast your eyes over! Continue on reading or head over to issue #028 to check out the original article.

CamelBak Quick Stow Flask

It’s often the simplest ideas that are the best: fire, the wheel, penicillin…. Well, there is now a new addition to the list – the CamelBak Quick Stow Flask. Yes, on the surface it looks like just a bottle that you can roll up, but for those who like to travel light, the flask is a work of pure genius. If you have stash pockets in your bib shorts you can carry 500 ml of water, and when it’s all gone, you simply roll the bottle up – amazing! You can even fill it with gin and take it to work.

Price: € 29.95
Capacity: 500 ml

Weight: 37 g

Endura MT500-Helmet

Recently, scientists have created the hottest temperature known to man, four trillion degrees Celsius. Which is only 4 degrees hotter than your head can get when cycling uphill on a hot day. Endura’s stylish MT500 helmet uses Koroyd engineered polymer tubes in place of EPS, boosting ventilation and forming linear crumple zones for protection. The sharp styling and cool features are a win with us, and the bold safety claims are impressive.

Price: € 159.90
Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL

Weight: 343 g


The king is dead, long live the king. Just when you thought the FOX 36 could not get any better, FOX have released an update. The new fork now includes an EVOL negative air spring for increased buttery smoothness. With a frictionless stroke, the trail is smoothed to to the roughness of a snooker table, eating up impacts faster than a hungry dog left alone at a BBQ. With this fork you are 100% guaranteed to win an EWS… probably.

Price: € 1,309
Weight: 2,032 g (29″)

Travel Options: 27.5″ 140-180 mm; 29″ 140-160 mm; 26″ 160-180 mm.
Axle: 15 x 100 mm (convertible to 20 mm)

Lezyne Digital Shock Drive Pump

If you’re the sort of person who cannot walk past a crooked picture frame, who always hits a round digit at the petrol pump, and can recite shock pressures like a familiar song, then this is the shock pump for you. Not only does the compact Lezyne Digital Shock Drive Pump give you your exact pressure, but it also looks a million dollars. Be warned, if you pull this out on the trail your buddies will be convinced you have had a pay raise and will make you buy the post-ride beers.

Price: € 69.90
Weight: 105 g

Maximum Pressure: 350 psi | 24,1bar

Nukeproof Horizon CL Clipless Pedals

Flats for support, clipless for efficiency? Screw that! Sometimes you want both. We’ve all been there, careening down a steep slope, wagging our leg like a Can-can dancer as we try to clip into a pedal that has seemingly disappeared. The large platform of the Nukeproof Horizon CL provides ample grip, while the front and rear spring-loaded bindings allow entry from any direction. With two platform options, a 55 mm Q Factor, sealed cartridge bearings, DU bushes, and angled leading edges, the Horizon CL pedals give you the best of both worlds.

Price: CL € 116.49 / CL Ti € 217
Weight: 430–526 g

Cleat options: +4 and +8 degrees of engagement available.

RockShox 1x Remote

Sometimes engineers do their job too well. Take, for example, the team at RockShox tasked with developing a new remote for the iconic Reverb. The new 1x remote’s hydraulic actuation is so light and smooth that even your shadow could operate it, and it boasts ergonomics so good that it should be called an iRemote. In addition, the Bleeding Edge fitting makes maintenance as stressful as a lunchtime nap. It’s such a huge improvement that you would be mad to consider the original. That is, until you see the price.

Price: 105 €
Weight: 69 g


Shimano E-TUBE Di2 App

Did you know that recent studies have shown that making phone calls is only the 6th most popular use of a mobile phone? How crazy is that? Now, with the release of Shimano’s new E-TUBE app, we can add ‘setting up drivetrain’ to that list too. Shimano’s flagship electronic Di2 drivetrains can now be fully customised using the E-TUBE app through the magic of bluetooth. You can choose shift speed, shifter orientation, and syncro shift function just as easily as hashtagging your lunch on Instagram.

Price: free

SQlab 30X Carbon Handlebar

We know we cannot reinvent the wheel, but what about the handlebar? We love wide bars, as they are often a great way to bring more stability and confidence to your bike, but what about those riders without shoulders like an NFL linebacker? Some of us are stretched out so far you could almost kiss the stem. Biomechanical heretics SQlab claim to have the solution with their whacky new 780 mm 30X bar, with a huge 16 degree backsweep, almost double the competition. SQlab claim the larger backsweep brings the elbow into a perfect position for a dynamic riding style for maximum radness.

Price: € 199.96
Weight: 235 g

Width: 780 mm
Rise: 15/30/45 mm
Backsweep: 16°/12°

Unite Components Compact Chain Guide

There are many things in life that are simpler than correctly installing a chain guide… things such as pushing a stubborn cow up a tight staircase, or trying to juggle with angry cats. This is why we love the new Unite Components Chain Guide; not only is it compact and superbly engineered, but with its intelligent spacer design the whole device can also be fitted and adjusted without removing the cranks. #awesome

Price: € 58.00
Weight: From 42 g

Chainring compatibility: 30T–36T

Vibram Megagrip

When it comes to grip, nothing can beat the Asian-Pacific Coconut Crab, whose claws have ten times the grip strength of a human and can lift the weight of a small child. Coming a close second is the Vibram Megagrip outsole used on the Giro Chamber. If you dream of the Sirens’ call of real mountains, measure your rides in elevation earned, and think nothing of shouldering your bike to conquer the peaks, you will need some serious traction – and nobody understands mountain footwear better than Vibram. In the wilderness you’ve got 99 problems, but grip ain’t one.

Price: Included on the Giro Chamber

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