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Hype This! 8 new Items of MTB Bling

Below you’ll find 8 of the finest MTB related products and bling to feast your eyes over! Continue on reading or head over to issue #037 to check out the original article.

EXT Racing Shocks STORIA Coil Shock

Even a cursory glance at any bike forum will reveal a level of shock geekery that has reached new heights. Debates over custom shim stacks and port-size optimisation run rampant. However, if you want custom treatment, the only way forward is to trust the specialists. Shock experts Extreme Racing Shocks (EXT) are now offering the latest versions of their mono-tube Arma V3 and Storia V3 coil shocks with full custom tune options specifically for the bike’s suspension design, rider weight and riding style.

The V3 models feature larger-diameter reservoirs, new high-flow valves for increased adjustability, and proprietary technology to separate the compression and rebound controls. Both shocks now feature the HBC bottom-out control generating 50% more hydraulic force in “Oh sh&t” moments, and providing better support at the end of the travel.

Price: € 799


Building bikes is a pleasure – the joy of lovingly hand-building your dream creation cannot be bought. However, there is one stage where you need the arms of an octopus and the patience of a saint. If you frequently install suspension forks, sliding the stem on while trying to stop the fork sliding out of the headtube can be a headache. If this sounds familiar, FReD will soon become your best friend. Simply slide the lower jaw under the fork crown, the upper jaw over the top tube, then close the purpose-built clamp to quickly hold everything together. Every FReD is 100% made in the USA out of a nylon and carbon fibre mix and could be just the tool for bike shops, manufacturers or anyone who frequently swaps out forks.

Price: $ 49

DYEDBro frame stickers

Welcome to the drift shop. Championed by the effortlessly stylish Iago Garay, Mark Scott and Josh Lewis, these awesome frame protection stickers have been well publicised doing wild ‘jibs for the boys’ and being hurled sideways at high speed during many EWS races. Adding a DYEDBro sticker set to your bike is guaranteed to up your car-park cool and minimise scratches to your precious ride. Available in many savage designs, from zebra print to camo, DYEDBro now does a clothing line too. Nothing shouts “I live to go sideways” louder. Be warned – adding these stickers to your bike will make you 100% likelier to attempt tricks past your skill level!

Price: € 39.99

PNW Loam Lever

While functional, many dropper post remotes suffer from a ‘made on a Friday afternoon’ feel, with shoddy ergonomics and wobbly levers. The 48 g Loam Lever from PNW marks the end for disappointing remotes and mighy on the market, the Loam Lever features all the adjustability you need so you can tune its ergonomics to your wildest dreams. For bad-weather lovers, the Loam Lever features an injection moulded pad for maximum traction and a sealed bearing for longevity and squeak free performance. The lever can accept cable routing from both directions and comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

Price: € 73


What separates us mere mortals from riders like Brandon Semenuk? Strength, and, oh yes, a whole bag of skill. To get the most out of your riding, it helps to be strong, that’s why we love the new PRAEP ProPilot training tool. With this neat trainer, you can train your biking muscles at home, in the office, or even on the train if you like going viral on YouTube. Not only does the PRAEP ProPilot offer three different difficulty levels, you can also fit your own handlebar to get the width, sweep and rise just right. Knowing that nobody actually enjoys training, PRAEP has developed a ‘gamified’ app, allowing you to challenge your mates to battles and even ride POV video trails so you can learn lines while you work on those #gainz.

Price: from € 69

Ever wanted to have extensive weather data overlaid on your STRAVA feed?…. Anyone?…. Well if you do, Klimat have you covered. The Klimat app lets you show everyone just how crappy (or great) the weather is where you ride. As soon as you upload an activity, Klimat looks up the weather for your ride’s location and time, and labels your activity with fully customisable weather information. Available in a no-frills free version or a fully customisable premium version that gives you control over everything – with the exception of the weather. But be warned, you will need to be careful before using the classic ‘I was slower because it was really wet’ white lie.

Price: Basic: free / Pro: $ 5 per year


Behind closed doors, the radical alchemists Chris Porter, Nicolai and EXT shocks have been cooking up something very spicy indeed. The new Nicolai G1 is a collaboration, a mutation, that lets you have your cake and eat it. The brutally handsome 7020-T6 aluminium frame brandishes the iconic GeoMetron radical geometry and is fitted with the impressive new EXT damper. The Nicolai G1 is able to run either 27.5 or 29-inch wheels using unique mutator elements that allow both the chainstay and BB height to be modified to suit. That level of adjustment continues with the G1 Shock Level linkage, which allows the rider to choose two different lengths of travel, 162 or 175 mm depending on the shock position. We cannot wait to test one.

Price: from € 5999 (complete bike)


“Say hello to my little friend” – the new YT Jeffsy 2019 has just dropped and what a machine it is. The ground-up redesign,is of course longer, lower and slacker, but it’s also designed to require less maintenance and be easier to service. Win, win for any new owners.

Available in both 27.5 and 29-inch wheel sizes, carbon fibre or aluminium and in a range of travel options, the new YT Jeffsy takes everything that made the original Jeffsy great and brings it bang up to date. With the confidence and poise normally found on longer-travel bikes, the new YT Jeffsy is the sort of bike you could pull out of a bike bag anywhere in the world, and know that you have the right tool for the job.

Price: from € 2,299

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