The bike park season is about to start, but the usual haunts are always full, bombed out, and somehow boring? Time for something new! Lucky for you, we went in search of the best kept insider bike park secrets – far away from the crowds, offering a large variety of amazing trails. So hurry up and get there before everyone else.

Amiata Freeride

Ever heard of a 1,738 m high, inactive volcano called Monte Amiata in Tuscany? No? Then we recommend you check it out as soon as possible, because it’s also got an amazing bike park with a – admittedly quite slow – chairlift. The countless trails and the lift from the bike park wind through Europe’s largest beech tree forest, providing a unique scenery. For such an unknown bike park, it’s got a huge variety of trails. From jump lines to technical single track with drops off large boulders, and North Shore elements, you’ll find a little bit of everything at Amiata Freeride.

Price: € 27 (day pass)

Bernex Bikepark

Bernex Mountainbike Park isn’t just Vinny T’s local spot, who even built the Chill Trail, but also a relatively unknown bike park. The French park has five different routes for beginners (green) to pros (Chill Trail), as well as “The Drop Zone” for extra freestyle fun. The rather small bike park is also said to have a few loamers in store. The chairlift runs from July to September. Those who want to cool off after a day in the park will find what they’re looking for after a 20-minute drive to Lake Geneva, where they can end the day with a post-ride beer at one of the many campsites.

Price: € 30 (day pass)

Lipno Bikepark

If you prefer taking things a little easier on your first bike park experience, honing your skills and putting them to the test far off from the crowds, Czech bike park Lipno should be on your list. It’s located directly on Lake Moldau, and two chair lifts take you to the top of the trails from May to September. The four different lines are very beginner-friendly and our insider tip for those who want a slower pace on their first bike park trip. That said, the blue and red trails feature wooden drops and North Shore elements that can be just as much fun for advanced riders.

Price: € 28 (day pass)

La Thuile Bikepark

The high-alpine bike park with a view of Mont Blanc has come into the limelight since hosting the 2014–2016 EWS. Nevertheless, it remains an insider tip, and the park is rarely crowded. There are two chair lifts that take you to the trail head, but they’re only open from July to September. Before and after those months, pedalling is your only option, providing access to routes outside of the park any time between June and October. The small Italian village is located on the border between Italy and France, and even has a campsite for those who plan to stay longer. One thing you’re guaranteed to have at La Thuile Bike Park is breathtaking views. The trails are predominantly technical and very steep further down at the bottom, making for a lot of fun.

Price: € 35 (day pass)

Bikepark Osternohe

If you think that you can’t build a decent bike park with a drop of just 136 metres from start to finish, you haven’t yet visited Bikepark Osternohe. Located in Nuremberg, the park offers six different trails and is especially worth visiting for freeriders. The many North Shore elements, kickers, and drops are a playground for those with a big repertoire of tricks. You can only access the trail head via a surface lift from April to the end of October.

Price: € 26 (day pass)

Gravity Card

For all park rats, the Gravity Card has long ceased to be an insider tip, and is an absolute must-have if you want to visit Europe’s more popular bike parks. Thanks to an extremely large selection of bike parks in Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, the Gravity Card is your all-access pass to countless parks. For € 629 (per adult), you get access to a total of 31 bike parks in 7 different countries with just one card. Our insider’s insider tip: some bike parks will give you a free season pass for their park if you buy the Gravity Card from them. That’s because some parks are open for longer than the Gravity Card is valid, which is from 06.04. to 10.11.2024 for this season. So, get the party started!
Unser Geheimtipp unter den Geheimtipps: Manche Bikeparks schenken euch eine Saisonkarte von ihrem Park dazu, wenn ihr dort die Gravity Karte kauft. Die gilt nämlich nur von 06.04. bis 10.11.2024, manche Parks haben aber länger offen. So get the Party started!

Price: € 629

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Words: Benedikt Schmidt Photos: Hersteller