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Hype This RECOVERY – These 7 products will let you forget the previous day’s efforts

Recovery often falls by the wayside in the mountain biking scene. It’s to our own detriment, however. Who wants to be drained after the first day of a biking holiday or have to spend the rest of the day on the sofa after a ride? So, we’ve given the issue some thought and gathered 7 products that will let you forget the previous day’s efforts.


The foam roller – as ubiquitous as it’s shrouded in mystery. BLACKROLL describe theirs as the mother of all foam rollers. And rightly so, it being largely responsible for the foam rolling trend. The Swiss brand are synonymous with foam rollers and myofascial release, specialising in products designed to speed up recovery. Perhaps BLACKROLL’s best-known product is the STANDARD foam roller. It is ideal for people who want to improve their mobility and specifically to relieve post-workout muscle soreness. In order to accelerate the recovery process of sore muscles and release fascial adhesions, you should first download the app from BLACKROLL, especially if you’re new to foam rolling. It shows you all the exercises you need, so you can be sure you’re doing them correctly.

Price: € 29.90
Manufacturer website:


The hype is real… Massage guns are a hot trend. With the FASCIA GUN by BLACKROLL you can treat your muscles to a soothing massage after a hard day on the bike, speeding up recovery. The massage gun has a total of 4 levels, including 2 levels below a frequency of 30 Hz. These vibration speeds are perfect for recovery, as the muscles don’t tense up, which they do at higher frequencies as a protective measure, instead, they remain soft and supple. As such, the massage really helps your muscles relax and the effect can reach deeper into the tissues. The handy design and the moderate weight of 544 g allow you to take the FASCIA GUN wherever you go, and thus speed up recovery on all your trips. You also get 4 different attachments to treat a wide range of different muscles. For a price of € 149.90, you can call this USB-C rechargeable machine your own.

Price: € 149.90
Manufacturer website:

ShaktiMat Premium acupressure mat

Looks painful but feels soothing. Okay, maybe not during the first couple of seconds. The acupuncture mat is primarily used for relaxation, and it works on almost all bodily regions. With its countless acupressure points, it promises to boost blood circulation and act like a massage. Spread out on the floor, you can lie down on the mat with your back or stomach, thereby releasing tension in the respective region. It also works wonderfully for your neck – simply roll up the mat or drape it over a pillow, lean back into it, and relax. You should clearly feel the mat work its magic after just 20 minutes. If you’re not feeling creative or just want to play it safe, you’ll find a detailed instructional video led by Nico the yoga teacher. The ShaktiMat acupressure mat measures 77 x 40 cm, is 2 cm thick, and costs € 79.00.

Price: € 79.00
Manufacturer website:

Trash can filled with ice

Yes, we’re keeping it simple – a trash can does the job. While long practised in professional sports, this method has now found its way to us mere mortals. Taking an ice bath after exercise doesn’t just strengthen you mentally, but also speeds up recovery. After a training session, metabolic waste products accumulate, resulting in damage to the muscle tissue. The ice bath helps because the cold causes your vessels to constrict, and when you get out of the ice bath, the vessels dilate, thereby boosting blood circulation. In this way, the waste products are transported away more quickly, which helps reduce the inflammation that they typically cause. You can expect to pay about € 70 for a 120 litre trash can. The cost for ice and water obviously depends on your freezer and the current price of water in your area ;).

Price: € 68
Manufacturer website:

Medisana RC 410 massage chair

A massage chair may sound a bit decadent, but the Medisana RC 410 is very discreet and doesn’t cost the world. Having your back kneaded after a ride is simply worth it. The Medisana massage chair even has an extra sports massage setting for your back, and a warming function. And for those who tend to fall asleep in their armchair, Medisana have included a timer. If you don’t like the clumsy and bulky look of conventional massage chairs but want a helping hand for your back, this might just be the massage chair for you. For € 199.95, this could be your new favourite piece of furniture.

Price: € 199.95
Manufacturer website:

Mandlberggut Heiß Creme (hot cream)

As the name suggests, this lotion has a warming effect. This is mainly due to the active ingredients found in devil’s claw, chilli, and nettle. They stimulate the skin without irritating it, which creates the warming effect. Especially in combination with a massage, this promotes relaxation in your muscles and joints, and stimulates blood circulation, speeding up recovery and perhaps allowing you to extend your bike holiday by another day. The Mandlberggut Heiß Creme goes for € 15.50.

Price: € 15.50
Manufacturer website:

QUECHUA Ultimate Comfort air mattress

Since we can’t all afford to rent a campervan on a bike trip, there are lots of us that sleep in tents, which aren’t as comfortable and conducive to recovery. QUECHUA are here to help with their Ultimate Comfort air mattress, which addresses most of the problems of standard air mattresses. The first problem: comfort. Due to the foam core, this is greatly increased with the Ultimate Comfort, almost feeling like a conventional mattress. The second problem is insulation. This is also taken care of by the foam core. Thanks to an R-value of 8.6, the mattress scores very highly in terms of insulation and is suitable for cold conditions. The third problem: noise. The outer material of the Ultimate Comfort is very quiet during movement and doesn’t emit that typical air-mattress squeak. For a friendly donation of € 109.99, Decathlon will gladly send the 200 × 70 × 8 cm mattress right your way.

Price: € 15.50
Manufacturer website:

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Words: Philip Grünewald Photos: Manufacturer