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ION presents new shoes, pads and more

Last year, the stand itself was ION’s biggest news, but they have not held back for 2019. New shoes, pads, a backpack, a padded vest and more were beckoning visitors to have a closer look. We’ve dived in for a look, here’s the most important news to come out of the two black ION containers.

A major topic for ION is the restructuring and standardisation of the complete product line-up. Over the next few years, all products will be positioned in one of four main lines, Paze, Traze, Scrub and Seek, and each line will have the 3 price levels Core, Amp and Select. Of course, this won’t happen overnight, but new releases have already been placed in the line-up accordingly. The goal is to make it easier for customers to distinguish the products.

K-Traze – the successor of the K-Lite

The K-Traze is the official successor of the K-Lite
Thanks to the clever positioning of stretch inserts, no strap is required in the lower area
The K-Lite features perforated neoprene for ventilation, and the SAS-Tec protector is now level 1 certified

The successor to the popular K-Lite protector already follows the new scheme and is part of the Traze series. Here the emphasis is on a slim fit, good ventilation and low weight for trail riding. The K-Traze features perforated neoprene all around; the flat SAS-Tec Protector is made of a flexible hard shell and is now officially certified to protection level 1. Due to a clever distribution of mesh and stretch materials, only one thigh strap is necessary to hold the protector in place. It’ll be available from March 2019 in black or blue for €89.95 or in the Amp version with a side zip for € 99.95.

All existing pads will get a new colour scheme for the coming season

New high-end Raid and Rascal

Rascal Select and Raid Select are the two new high-end models at ION

Select is the top-end line of each product series, and 2019 will see the release of the Raid (flat pedal) and Rascal (click pedal) Select. The Raid Select will keep its former shape, but thanks to the use of breathable leather inside and outside they promise to be more durable in an understated way. The design of the sole has also been retained but consists of a new, slightly softer rubber compound with a softer midsole and a better-cushioned insole.

The Raid Select relies on understated but tough leather on the inside and outside
…and a slightly softer rubber compound with a better-cushioned insole.

The Rascal Select features a more technical finish than the existing Amp models. It is taller, with a neoprene sleeve and a second strap attachment point for slimmer feet. The aramid-reinforced outer material is designed to withstand pointy objects and abrasion, and the sole is slightly stiffer than the Amp model, whereas the insole is slightly softer. Above all, the aim is to improve power transmission.

The Rascal Select clipless shoe, on the other hand, relies on technical upper materials…
… and gets a second attachment point for the strap.
It is taller than the Amp model, and the neoprene sleeve should prevent stones from getting into the shoes.

Both models will also be available in stores from March 2019 – for € 179.95 each.

Scrub 16 backpack with level 1 back protector

The Scrub 16 is a lightweight backpack with a back protector and many smart features, priced at € 149.95

Another new addition to the line-up is the Scrub 16 backpack. As the name suggests, it has a volume of 16 litres, which is accessible via two large zippers almost along the entire length of it. Conveniently, there are two zipper stoppers at the top that allow quick access to the stuff in the top without the zipper opening further and the entire contents of the backpack falling out. The lower area can be divided and is accessible via a separate zipper. The lightweight body is attached to newly developed, ventilated back padding which includes a light level 1 protector; the hip belts are connected to each other in the upper area to optimally stabilise the load in every direction. Other features of the Scrub 16 include a goggle compartment, a rain cover, a removable tool roll and a padded compartment for bottles, eMTB batteries or other heavy objects. The Scrub 16 will be available in 3 colours (black, blue, patterned) from March 2019 for € 149.95.

The main compartment features a reinforced compartment for a bottle or an ebike battery…
… and a goggle compartment at the top.
The removable stoppers on the two long zippers on the front prevent unintentional unzipping.
The bottom compartment can be separated from the main compartment and is accessible via a separate zipper
The hip belt is connected to a continuous, moveable belt and should provide a very secure fit

And so much more …

The Traze Select Hybrid Jacket is a new model that combines a waterproof 3-layer hardshell (black) with a windproof softshell.
It has a perforated area around the neck and upper arms…
… as well as two breast pockets. It will be available from September 1st for € 199.95.
The Scrub Amp protection vest will cost € 129.95 and has a lightweight SAS-Tech protector..
… as well as two pockets, each separated from the back by a piece of memory foam.
Even though it’s more suited for hard and pointy objects, the impact of larger objects will also be well dispersed.
Another exciting innovation is the Select version of the Scrub glove
Almost identical to the Amp version, but everything that looks like leather is real leather. They’ll be available for € 59.95.

More info available on ION Website

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