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Kenda Regolith Pro and AEC – New tires and a new casing from Kenda

The brand-new Regolith Pro is Kenda’s brand-new allrounder. With Dual Compound and a versatile tread-pattern it wants to be the right tire for all situations. New from Kenda is also the enduro-specific AEC-casing.

Kenda Regolith PRO

Kenda has completely redesigned the profile of the Regolith. Their focus was on developing a tire which works well on all sorts of surfaces and doesn’t drain too much energy when pedalling. Kenda put a lot of effort into designing a predictable tread pattern. This is why the Regolith features an additional line of transition knobs between the central and side lugs. This is intended to facilitate the transition from the central knobs to the side lugs when cornering. A bridge connects the transition knobs to the wide shoulder lugs to prevent them from buckling away in berms.

The Kenda Regolith Pro will be available with SCT and TR casings. This makes it one of the lightweights in Kenda’s lineup. However Kenda recommends it only for trail or light enduro use. All versions use a dual compound with harder middle-knobs and softer shoulder lugs.

Kenda AEC – Advanced Enduro Casing

The Kenda AEC casing was designed for the rough stuff. It’s intended to close the gap between Kenda’s downhill tires with AGC casing and the ATC trail series. Kenda AEC tires use a soft dual-compound rubber. They offer better puncture resistance and grip than the lighter ATC series but are lighter than Kenda’s downhill models — this makes the AEC series the perfect compromise for hard enduro riding and freeride sessions.

An exciting alternative for downhillers and enduro racers: Kenda’s Gran Mudda mud-tire is only available in 2.4″ and AGC casing.

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