Shimano AM9 review

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When it comes to testing out riding shoes, no test comes more challenging than surviving a Scottish winter. Trev has been putting the new Shimano AM9 through their paces day in day out, and has been left full of praise. The Shimano AM9 has some great features that have cemented it into Trev’s happy list. The brilliant lace guard keeps all the grime and spray outside the shoe where it belongs, and while the AM9’s laces are no match for a BOA, the secure top strap allows a firm grip on the foot. The wide and generous pedal channel allows the cleats to be slammed right to the back – which Trev loves for more aggressive riding – and clipping in and out has been a dream. The build of the shoe offers enough protection for those inevitable and often painful moments when Trev has kicked a hidden tree stump, and the raised inner ankle cuff is a nice touch. Trev has found the fit quite chunky and the sole flex is biased towards comfortable and sensitive rather than racer-stiff – more of an aggressive trail shoe for braaping about in the woods than high performance racing. Even after over ninety rides, most of them wet, the Shimanos are still in great shape with no loose stitching or sole delamination. For fun trail riding the Shimano AM9s have become Trev’s go-to shoe, and he is looking forward to many more rides.

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Tester: Trev
Price: € 139,95
Weight: 754 g
Duration: ninety rides
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