SRAM XX1 Black review

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Before the world became obsessed with Eagle, the SRAM XX1 drivetrain was the pinnacle of drivetrain performance, giving us all (we thought) the range we needed. The XX1 Black edition is mechanically identical to standard XX1, but with a more stealthy black-only finish. Trev has been dragging a set through Scotland’s finest mud and grime to sniff out any weaknesses. The super-light drivetrain has only required one chain and two gear cable swaps in over eight months of riding. The kilometers have taken their toll a little though, and although the shifting is no longer as machine-gun-fast as when new, it is still super-accurate over the cassette without chain suck or ghost shifts. The chain has been very durable, and has withstood a number of ill-timed shifts under load without protest. In very muddy conditions, the lower jockey wheel can easily gunk up and lose its thick-thin rhythm, resulting in a distinctive rumble which can only be solved by poking out the mud with a stick and resetting the chain. Chain retention has been excellent for general riding, but as Trev experienced dropped chains when getting rowdy in races, a chain device is a must. Overall, the SRAM XX1 Black has been a fit-and-forget stealthy drivetrain that has delivered excellent service with minimal attention. Trev is a huge fan!

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Tester: Trev
Price: € 1.099
Duration: eight months
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