Our global test team has been pushing products to the very limit on the world’s toughest trails. In The Lab, durability is rewarded and weaknesses have nowhere to hide. UK editor Jim took a closer look to the Crankbrothers y16 all-in-one tool.

The Lab 21 2000-6

There are three types of this Y-Tool, of which this is the top of the range, as it sports a chain tool and Co2 gas canister inflator tool. One problem riders often find with trail tools is their lack of reach or leverage due to them just being so small and compact. With this Y-Tool, however, the leverage of the Allen wrenches and the way they fit onto the chain tool for some proper man power is just fantastic.

In der dreieckigen Form des Crankbrothers Y16 sind die wichtigsten Dinge untergebracht: Kettennieter, CO2-Kartuschenaufsatz ...
The triangular shape of the Crankbrothers y16 offers the most important things a multi tool should have included: chain tool, CO2 inflator …
... Kettenschlossbehälter, Inbusschlüssel von 2-8 und Torx T10, T25 sowie Schlitz- und Kreuzschrauber
… bit or chain lock box, hex wrench #2-8 and torx #t-10/t-25 plus Phillips and flat screwdrivers.

This tool has been used trail-side countless times now, with the only annoyance being that when the small torque and screwdriver bits are emptied from their storage compartment (especially if in a hurry!) then bits can go flying and end up lost in the mud or undergrowth. Jim has removed the smaller bits from this compartment, opting to also carry a tiny trail tool consisting of just the smaller drivers, and filled the storage space with a few chain links instead.

Die Aufbewahrungsbox ist z.B. für Kettenschlösser ideal geeignet
The small box is suited well to store a spare chain lock 

The weight is a bit on the heavy side, but this tool really does have most things you would require out on the trail. As for long-term durability, it has got wet many a time and shows no sign of rust spots plus the driving edges of all the Allen wrenches are still sharp with no rounding.

Tester: Jim Buchanan
Testing: 1 year
Weight: 260 g
Price: € 49,90

You can find out more information on the crankbrothers website

Words & Photos: Jim Buchanan

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