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Airshot System The Lab #22-1

There is simply nothing more annoying than fitting tubeless tyres in a hurry. Unless you have arms like Popeye, or enjoy pumping like a madman, at some point they are going to drive you crazy. Living in Scotland, UK Editor Trev changes tyres a lot, from mud to fast-rolling, then quickly back to mud again. After a year of use, Trev is confident that the Airshot is the best €75 he has ever spent. Popping tyres on could not be easier: simply close the Airshot valve and pressurise the cylinder to 160 Psi with a track pump. Then attach the Airshot hose onto the tyre valve and crack open the tap. Voila! The pressure rush causes the tyre to simply jump onto the bead! It’s like black magic and Trev is in love! Trev has found the process is still most effective with the valve core removed, but the Airshot has seated over 30 tyres so far this year on test bikes without a single failure, and it looks built to last a lifetime. Simple and effective, the Airshot is a revelation, and is portable enough to live in the car at races. The only thing that is not perfect is that it tends to tip over a lot, but Trev has found that zip-tying it to his track pump has made the perfect solution. Very highly recommended for tyre swappers.

Airshot System The Lab #22-2 Airshot System The Lab #22-3

Tester: Trevor
Testduration: 12 months
Price: 75 €
Info: airshotltd.com