Fox Proframe

For those used to wearing full faces and looking for more ventilation, the Fox Proframe will be a breath of fresh air. The open and fixed ASTM-certified chin guard sits far from the face, offering huge peripheral vision and lots of space around the face. When it comes to safety, the Varizorb liner blends different densities of EPS to help spread the load further over impact zones. Ventilation is good for such a substantial helmet, with fifteen big-bore intakes and nine exhaust vents. When riding at speed, the big visor pulls more air into the helmet and really drives cool air over the head. The vents work well at low speeds too: on long, hot climbs the helmet was sweaty but not unbearably so, and there was certainly none of the claustrophobic feeling that plagues some full faces. When it comes to sizing, the Fox is the only helmet without a ‘trail-style’ adjustable cradle, instead using different thickness pads to create a comfortable fit. This is amazing if the fit is good, but when it comes to accommodating a wide range of head shapes it’s no match for the adjustable harnesses of the rest of the test group.

For €270 we would expect all the bells and whistles, and we were not disappointed. The build quality is exceptional, and with a MIPS cradle the extensive coverage of the helmet feels the most like a DH full face (and as such psychologically feels the safest, encouraging hard riding). In our impact testing the chin guard proved exceptionally strong, deflecting impacts well without losing its structural integrity. The 850 g weight is carried well on the head by the harness, and vision is good. The Fidlock magnetic buckle is exceptionally good too, allowing quick and easy fitting of the helmet. The wide, spacious frame opening keeps peripheral vision and breathability high, and the wide face pocket works well with all goggles we tested. The fixed visor looks great, standing nice and high so as to not interrupt vision or look stupid on the trail. Styling-wise the FOX is king: the cool looks and aggressive lines made it the first helmet to be grabbed by our style-conscious testers.

For riders looking for the highest protection without too much sacrifice in venting, or for more aggressive riders who need the protection of a full face, the Fox Proframe comes highly recommended.


– Quality build and styling
– Excellent venting at speed


– No removable chin guard
– No adjustable cradle limits sizing

Weight: 850 g
Price: € 270
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