Lazer Revolution FF MIPS

We first caught sight of the Lazer Revolution FF MIPS two years ago at Eurobike, and at the time it was groundbreaking. Let’s start with the positives: at 746 g the Lazer Revolution MIPS is the lightest ASTM F1952 removable chin guard helmet in the test. We love the inclusion of MIPS, and the design features continue with a ratcheted visor and clever attachment mounts on the top of the helmet. The ATS cradle impressed us all too – using a cable to wrap around the head ensured a precise fit for most of our testers. On the trail, venting is really good and even long climbs were cool and comfortable. So, on paper the Lazer Revolution FF MIPS looks impressive… but ultimately it left us disappointed. When fitted, the chin guard sits quite far from the face and there’s a lot of movement if you grip and shake it, not convincing us of its stability in a full-speed crash. The helmet also sits high on the head with the least amount of rear coverage (which is important for today’s aggressive riders). We must also mention the styling: while we always prize performance over aesthetics and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the Lazer FF Revolution is undeniably ugly, and with the competition looking so good it’s hard to look past the perched and clumsy looks.

Then we come to the big problem with the Lazer Revolution FF MIPS. While it boasts a removable chin guard, unlike the rest of the test group it requires the use of a tool or coin to remove the six retention bolts and needs replacement covers to go in place of the guard – hardly a quick trailside adjustment. Which leads us to question: at €265, what purpose does it have at all? The beauty of the other removable chin guards is that they give the rider the opportunity to choose when added protection is required on the trail. If you need to convert the helmet beforehand with tools, it would be simpler to buy a nice full face and separate trail helmet. The Revolution FF MIPS also comes with optional ear covers, an accessory that seems to have no real purpose and ended up totally baffling us, again adding confusion to the helmet’s overall package.

The Lazer Revolution FF MIPS is the lightest ASTM F1952 helmet, vents well, and has a very good cradle. However, the execution of the removable chin guard and poor rear coverage leave it hard to recommend.


– MIPS and ATS cradle very comfortable
– Lightest ASTM F1952 helmet in the test


– Poor rear coverage
– Tools needed to remove chin guard

Weight: 764/485 g
Price: € 265
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