A light eMTB or just a somewhat lighter eMTB? How much power does a light eMTB need, what defines it and is the categorisation still relevant? The new Mondraker Dune Carbon light eMTB with a powerful Bosch Performance Line SX motor and up to 650 Wh battery capacity raises many questions. We put it to the test for you.

Mondraker Dune Carbon XR | Bosch Performance Line SX/400 Wh | 180/165 mm (f/r)
19.74 kg in size L | € 11,999 | Manufacturer’s website

The new Mondraker Dune Carbon is more than just another light eMTB. The Spanish manufacturer claim to have reached the next evolutionary stage in enduro mountain biking. “Enduro” is another marketing term that isn’t really clearly defined, but somehow still makes its way into this review, along with the term “light eMTB”.

Enduro is often equated with challenging descents that are generally steeper and more technical than most of us will ever experience on our home trails – unless you’re one of the lucky few who live in Andorra.

Then there’s the enduro race format, where you complete several time trials, mostly downhill. Between trials, you ride your bike back up the mountain to the next trial start. So, where does the Mondraker Dune Carbon light eMTB fit in here?

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Words: Rudolf Fischer, Robin Schmitt Photos: Ivan Marruecos, Robin Schmitt