Best in test – Tout Terrain SingleTrailer

The Tout Terrain SingleTrailer is the undisputed champion when it came to riding off-road. With a width of only 45 cm, a cro-mo steel roll cage, low rolling resistance thanks to its single wheel and a whopping 200 mm of travel, you can shred the Singletrailer along almost any trail. In our curb test, the Singletrailer hardly even bounced as we hit the 15 cm curb at fast pace and at any angle, up or down, impressive stuff! With practice, you can carve berms, manual, wheelie and bunny hop confident that the Singletrailer will follow on behind. With a summer bug guard and a fully waterproof cover, you can go out in weather conditions that would verge on child abuse with a front seat and have your little buddy snug and dry. Storage is minimal but you can stash gear under the suspended seat as long as it doesn’t come loose and fly about in your child’s cockpit. Once you stop, it takes a bit of practice to get the singletrailer onto and off its folding kickstand but the bike will then remain upright with the trailer meaning that you don’t have to find something to lean it on. Quick release levers and it’s light weight make packing it down quick and easy and it will go in the boot of a car but remains quite bulky due to the one-piece welded roll cage.

By using a bracket that slots on to the bottom of the seat post, the Singletrailer will fit on any bike, including 29ers. Getting the bracket to line up exactly central on the post is super important as, if you do not have this bang on, the trailer will lean to one side and affect the handling. Unfortunately, this is a bit of a guess each time you fit it and would really benefit from someway to line it up quicker. The other issue came when fitting the bracket to dropper seatposts. As it slots onto the bottom of the post, you have to fit, then remove the bracket each time which means detaching the cable from your dropper, which can be a real pain. Everything else on the Singletrailer is QR and it would be great if this was too. The ‘elephant in the room’, is the cost and the fact that if you plan on using a stroller as well, you will have to buy that too and pack both on a trip.


– The best bike trailer for riding offroad
– Low rolling resistance
– Lightweight and quick to pack down


– Expensive
– Uncompromising design means that it cannot double as a stroller
– Fitting bracket not perfect.

Weight 9.5 kg
Cost € 1390
Age range 3 months (with the optional Thule Baby Supporter) to 25 kg.
Fitting seat post mounted

More information on the Tout Terrain website

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