Best Value – Thule Chariot Lite

The Thule Chariot Lite is the stripped down version of Thule’s classic bike trailer. Once you have identified and bought the correct thru-axle, the Chariot is quick and easy to attach but requires a 17 mm spanner to remove. The only problem is finding something suitable to lean your bike against while you fit it and the bike will not free stand when connected. Pack down is swift and was the smallest on test. On the bike, the handling is very good; the flexible connector has a range of movement only limited by your rear wheel, so the Chariot turns and manoeuvres easily and you can pedal out of the saddle and pop the front wheel to help you negotiate changing in terrain. Non adjustable leaf springs give the Chariot Lite enough suspension to ride unsurfaced trails but quickly get out of their depth on anything rougher: our curb test had the Chariot alarmingly flipping over on anything other than slow walking pace and a straight-on hit, something you should seriously consider if you plan on riding uneven terrain regularly. At 63 cm wide and having two wheels, you are limited to wide family-friendly trails anyway but it rolls along nicely on all but steep uphills when you notice the weight and extra rolling resistance of two wheels.

The basic seat depends on the leave suspension and ‘give’ in the fabric to protect your child from bumps. However, it’s simple to fit the optional infant supports and is easy to clean. Storage is enough to stick a rucksack or a picnic in and the super light and removable rain cover and zip down bug guard are the by far the most user-friendly on test. Everything about the Chariot’s design has a premium feel; everything clicks into place with a reassuring click and shows green when correctly located. When in trailer mode, the stroller wheels are still at hand, clicked in above the hitch, so you can swap between trailer and buggy very quickly, meaning that you don’t have to take both a trailer and a stroller for a day out.


– Simple but functional design
– Small pack size
– Easy to convert into a stroller


– Extra expense for axle adaptors
– Basic suspension means limited off road suitability

Weight 11.7 kg
Cost € 649 + € 60 for 12 mm bolt through adaptor
Age range 3 months (with the optional Thule Baby Supporter) to 34 kg
Fitting through axle 135 mm QR as standard, other axle options available for 142 /148 mm hubs

More information on the Thule website

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Thomas Corfield

After nearly 30 years of riding and coming from a career in cycle sales, UK Editor Tom is still passionate about everything mountain biking. Based in the Scottish Borders, he enjoys riding everything from solo adventures in the mountains to big social night rides.