Cateye Volt1700

The Cateye Volt1700 has a powerful 6.8 Ah battery.

Originally we intended to review the current Cateye Volt1600, but instead, we were sent the updated Cateye Volt1700 which will be available in stores from December. The name promises 100 lm more!

Bonus point: The Cateye provides uniform illumination.

The housing, as well as the controls and the helmet mount, are very similar to the predecessor. The 6.8 Ah battery, which is the second largest battery of the lights in this comparison, is permanently integrated into the lamp. Unfortunately, in this case, it doesn’t say anything about the battery life of the Cateye – at full output, it only manages 2 h… To mount the lamp for our trail laden test rides, we used the helmet mount that’s compatible with both the old and the new version. Unfortunately, however, it turned out to be undersized for a lamp weighing 254 g. As soon as we hit the first roots, the Volt1700 knocked on our helmets like a woodpecker trying to bore into a tree. And as if that wasn’t enough, the mount shifted out of place. Very annoying! We can’t recommend installing the Cateye on your helmet for use on trails. The Cateye is a viable option only if you intend to put it on your handlebar. Here, with 1700 lumen, it convinces with its good illumination and pleasantly warm light.

Output 1,700 lm
Battery 6.8 Ah
Price€ 235
Battery life (max. Output) 2:00 h
Gewicht Lamp with built-in battery and mount 278 g
Available from December 2017.

More information at

+ warm light with decent illumination
+ sturdy housing

– helmet mount not compatible with all helmets
– too heavy for helmet mounting