Issue #030 Review

The Lab #030: MTB parts and equipment long term reviews

Öhlins RXF 36 Air Fork

UK tester Trev is a big fan of the Ohlins RXF 34 fork, so when the burlier RXF 36 TTX air was launched he elbowed his way to the front of the test queue. The RXF 36 is available as just a 29er with a 110 mm boost axle and 51 mm offset. The burly fork features a twin-tube TTX damper allowing adjustment of the main spring and ramp-up chamber independently to optimise the spring curve to your riding style. After extensive setup, Trev has found the Ohlins RXF 36 lacks super buttery small bump compliance, however, the super stiff chassis really comes to life when you push it hard. The low front brace gives huge steering stiffness but it does tighten up tyre clearance. The integrated crown race has proven durable and has not squeaked or creaked once. Trev found the suggested pressures on the fork leg did not work well, and ended up using less pressure in the main spring and 20 psi more in the ramp-up chamber, a couple of clicks of low speed compression was needed to provide support in the mid-stroke. Once dialled, Trev has found the forks charge through big terrain very well, the super stiff chassis allowing him to bully the front end through rough ground like a freight train, however, less aggressive riders will find the Ohlins TTX damper a little harsh and insensitive. Unfortunately, it looks like a seal in the fork has now blown as both chambers of the fork have now become linked, it’s time for a proper strip down and service.

  • Powerful chassis holds a line
  • Spring rate adjust without tokens
  • Over complicated setup
  • Minimal tyre clearance

Tester: Trev
Time on test: 8 months

Price: € 1218.56
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