You all know places like Finale Ligure, Latsch, Treuchtlingen, Riva del Garda, Maribor or Kronplatz being famous for their international Enduro Events. But what about riding in Eastern Europe? The following Press Release introduces the MTB Trilogy 2016 in the Czech Republic.


MTB Trilogy is a stage MTB race in Teplice nad Metují, Czech Republic. The Prolog and 3 stages make in total 228 km and 8400 m elevation, mostly on single trails.

Date and venue of the MTB Trilogy 2016

July 3rd to 6th 2016, Teplice nad Metuji (Czech Republic)

The MTB Trilogy started as a marathon race but soon we opened an Enduro category that follows the same track as marathon. The difference is that it cares only for speed tests (about 35-speed tests on the way).


Race event *all incl.

Usually, Enduro riders in our race ride the trail as a nice trip in a group and enjoy fast ride only on the speed tests. Therefore, our feeding stations are pretty rich, really, we don’t expect you to live on bananas for a couple of days. So it’s fruits, bread, cheese, sausage, non-alcoholic beer, cookies and free bike service on feeding station.

You may find 228 km in four days as too much. There’s a Half race: 156 km, 4700 m elevation. It’s not “easier”, technically it’s the same challenge, it’s only shorter.


MTB Trilogy is an enduro adventure – each stage is a day filled by technical biking. There’s no time to be bored, but still some time to share your experience with friends. Anyways, Trilogy is “riders for riders” kind of race.

You can find further information on the MTB Trilogy Website.

Words and Photos: MTB Trilogy Press Release

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