Crankbrothers Mallet DH

Having spun a popular tale for years, Crankbrothers have now updated the classic Mallet DH pedals. They’ve borrowed certain features from the smaller enduro-specific Mallet E model, such as the traction pads that let you adjust the height of the contact area. Shown here is the top-end Mallet DH 11 with titanium bearings. They cost a pretty penny at € 350, which makes them almost too nice to get dirty.

Formula CTS

Formula were stoked to present their Compression Tuning System, known as CTS, down in Riva. So simple that it verges on downright brilliant, these small CTS valves have a major impact on the compression damping in your forks and can be switched in just a matter of minutes without having to change the fork. There are five valves available that can tune your fork to suit your needs.

The CTS valves can be switched in just a few hand movements, which is far simpler and more flexible than previous ways to custom tune your forks with the shim shack.

MAGURA MT Trail Sport and HC3 lever

Last year MAGURA’s launch of the MT Trail Carbon was an interesting one, seeing them design a concept with 4-piston calipers up front and 2-pistons at the back. Now the German brake specialists have followed up with the significantly easier-on-the-wallet MT Trail Sport. Alongside more affordability, they also sport the new hotly anticipated one-finger lever.

Current MAGURA brakes are definitely very popular, but as the length of the brake lever is a common complaint it’s good to see that the new HC3 lever can be retrofitted onto MT6, MT7, MT8 and the MT Trail Carbon models. Not just shorter in length, it also has an adjustable leverage design, which lets you tune how hard or soft it brakes to suit your style.