Atomik Carbon, a Tampa, Florida based component manufacturer, presents new carbon fiber rims and carbon fiber bars. Check out their press release:

Atomik Carbon, premium manufacturer of carbon-fiber mountain bike components, unveils line of all-mountain/enduro and trail specific carbon rims and handlebars in a variety of sizes.

Rims will be available in 27.5 and 29-inch versions as Atomik Carbon’s proprietary Mod-Hook design, engineered for all-mountain riders and enduro racers, and as a hookless design aimed at cross-country and trail riders. Handlebars will be available as a 785-millimeter riser bar as well as a 750-millimeter flat bar.


Atomik Carbon Wheels

Atomik Carbon represents the latest technological advances in carbon-fiber bicycle performance products. Engineered from the trail up to be stronger, lighter and faster, Atomik Carbon rims are exceptionally light, laterally stiff, vertically compliant and impact resistant, resulting in precise handling and superior ride quality that simply must be experienced. We live for the ride, and we believe no single upgrade can improve your ride like a premium wheelset, so we set out to make the best you can buy at a price you can afford.


Impact resistant construction

Atomik Carbon uses a combination of premium Toray 700 and 800 fiber in the manufacturing process, as well as a layer of a strategically placed proprietary material that increases the strength by distributing the energy of impacts.

This can clearly be seen in the photo of the cut section. In addition, we use Toray 800 which is 25-percent stronger than the 700 fiber, in high-impact areas. We engineered the profile to distribute the force into the sidewall of the rim to offer additional impact protection from the occasional rim strike when tire pressures are too low or you go too big. Directional drilling aids in alleviating the additional stress placed on the nipple/spoke bed interface.

Bead lock

We utilize an angled bead lock for a secure and consistent tire/rim interface. This keeps the tire bead positioned on the shelf, even when air is released from the tire. Not only does this this reduce the likelihood of “burping” a tire at low pressures, it makes it easier to refresh sealant.

beadlock-illu modhook-main

Mod-Hook rim design


We engineered Mod-Hook with a wider 33-millimeter rim design boasting an interior width of 24 millimeters for a tire profile that is better supported and less vulnerable to side roll and wallow. We’ve also increased the thickness of the modified bead hook to a burly 3.5 millimeters and 1-millimeter deep and engineered the profile to dissipate the force of impacts through the sidewall when things get ugly. This also offers the benefit of increased bead retention coupled with a better tire profile and footprint than traditional hooks. Directional drilling aids in alleviating the additional stress placed on the nipple/spoke bed interface.

Hookless rim design


We took hookless rim design to the next level. We stretched it to 33-millimeters wide with an interior width of 26 millimeters. Lack of a traditional bead hook allows tire sidewalls to form an optimal interface with the rim channel, resulting in a more stable and surefooted point of contact on the trail that maximizes cornering and handling characteristics while reducing the risk of “burping” or “rolling.” Directional drilling aids in alleviating the additional stress placed on the nipple/spoke bed interface.

hookless-main xc-hookless-main decals

Atomic carbon handlebars – Affordable performance

If you’re like us, once you’ve committed to a life behind bars, only the best will do. Engineered from the trail up to be stronger, lighter and offer more control, Atomik Carbon bars are exceptionally light yet unrelentingly strong, with trail tailored sweep and rise to compliment today’s slack and long geometry. We use more material where it matters and less where it doesn’t, providing unparalleled strength combined superior damping that you’ll appreciate after you’ve done some time.

handlebar-hero flat-bar-main riser-bar-main

29” and 27.5” AM/Enduro rims available now – $375 msrp each, Trail and XC rims will be available in late September – $375 msrp each. MSRP for complete wheelsets with Atomik Carbon rims: Profile Elite hubs – $1,650, Industry 9 Torch hubs – $1,550, Industry 9 System Build – $1,800, Chris King – $1,600 or Hope Pro II EVO – $1,350. Handlebars are $145 msrp for both flat and riser models. Atomik Carbon are products are only available through independent bicycle dealers. Contact us directly if no dealers are available in your area.

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Words & Pictures: Atomik Carbon

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