Aussie racers like Troy Brosnan, Sam Hill and Connor Fearon absolutely rip so let’s hope that these new carbon wheels from Bouwmeester Composites will take after them… They sent us all the specs and information about their Tammar wheels which can be found below:

About us

Based in the foothills of Adelaide, Australia, Bouwmeester Composites (BC) is a design and manufacturing firm specialising in low energy consumption advanced composite products. The BC team is highly experienced in all aspects of advanced composites and every piece of BC carbon is laid by hand in Adelaide, Australia. This attention to detail is why Australian manufacturing is so critical to the performance of our end products. We believe in having 100% control over the technology and quality of the manufacturing process for the finished product.

The wheel-set weighs in at 1,780g.
The wheel-set weighs in at 1,780g.

The Rim – Tammar v4.8

Two years in R&D, extensive lab and field testing with some of Australia’s best, Aussie made carbon; the Tammar race rim is here.

To optimise the perfect enduro/trail MTB rim, BC felt we needed to address the following design considerations;

Tyre Performance

Wide platform rim and hookless bead design to correctly support the tyre profile for optimum handling and performance.

Riding Characteristics

The optimum balance of torsional stiffness and global wheel stiffness need to be met to offer the perfect performance. Our rim design profile can absorb impact energy and improve tracking and tyre traction. Better traction means faster riding.


A balance between weight and durability need to be met. We understand the customer’s need for a durable product that stands the test of time out on the trails. Our impact testing program has shown that carbon can be superior in impact with clever design.

The optimal balance between weight and durability?
The optimal balance between weight and durability?

This design and R&D process has delivered what BC believes is the first carbon rim that is optimized and specific to MTB.

R&D outcomes & Rider Benefits

  • Solid profile rim for increased impact and spoke hole strength
  • Solid rim provides super smooth, quiet ride with less trail chatter
  • Molded nipple head seat and angle drilled holes for perfect spoke interface
  • Front and rear specific carbon layup
  • Shallow rim and race tuned carbon lay-up for improved tracking and traction
  • Asymetric rim for improved even spoke tension
  • Wider platform rim to correctly support tyre sidewall for performance
  • Superior cornering grip and improved rolling resistance
  • Hookless bead increasing inner rim width and tyre wall support
The Tammar rims take influence from motocross counterparts.
The Tammar rims take influence from motocross counterparts.

Tammar – Key points of difference

The rim is a solid profile, similar to motocross rims, which from a carbon engineering perspective means the fibers are supported correctly through an optimised laminate. This gives the rim it’s superior toughness out on the trails. This leaves the current traditional MTB rim design, which is a carryover from aluminium rims and manufacturing processes adapted from carbon road rims.

Rim specs

  • Profile – Tammar 27.5” V4.8. Asymmetric.
  • Carbon – Solid carbon fiber rim. Optimised Modulus Fibers.
  • Nipple holes – Head recess molded to suit spoke angle. Drilled spoke holes for max strength with no spoke tension limit.
  • Spoke count – 32 hole
  • Rim width: Outer – 38mm, Inner – 31.5mm
  • Rim Depth –12.5mm
  • Hubset – DTswiss 240
  • Rim Weight – 480/F 490/R
  • Wheelset weight – 1,780g
  • Price – $2,850 US. MSRP

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Words & Photos: Bouwmeester Composites

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