The Italian bike brand MDE have just launched the latest version of their Damper enduro bike. With a revised geometry and optimized frame, it should be the ideal do-it-all bike. The 2016 model of the Damper is now visible on the new MDE website, available as either a frame or in three different bike builds.

Das MDE Damper wurde für das Modelljahr 2016 gründlich überarbeitet.
The MDE Damper got a thorough workover for the 2016 version.

The frame

The head angle on this Italian enduro championship-worthy bike has been slackened to 65.5° to optimize it for the task at hand. While the chainstay has been shortened to 439mm, the brand new design of the strut should increase rigidity. The reach, on the other hand, has been lengthened and the result more than resembles the modern geometry of long frame and short rear end that unites agility and stability.

Mit einem längeren Reach und flacherem Lenkwinkel soll das neue MDE Damper 650b laufruhiger als der Vorgänger sein.
A longer reach and slacker head angle promise good stability when travelling at high speed.
Der überarbeitete Tretlagerbereich soll mit guten Steifigkeitswerden für ein spritziges Fahrverhalten sorgen.
The bottom bracket area got stiffened up to ensure an efficient power transfer through the night.

During the frame redesign, MDE focused on reinforcing the bottom bracket area to optimize power transfer from the pedals. At the same time, they increased the seat angle to 74.8° and the rear shock mounting brackets have been altered to further increase rigidity and reduce weight.

Der Hinterbau wurde auf 439 mm verkürzt.
The chain stays now only measures 439 mm.
Auch die Dämpferaufnahme am Unterrohr wurde überarbeitet.
Just like many other parts of the bike, the shock mount was redesigned for better function.

When it comes to brackets, the Damper has the replaceable ISCG bracket, and as of September will be available for order with the BOOST148 standard at the rear. The frame still comes as standard with 142x12mm or 150×12 rear axle.


  • 160mm travel, I-link Suspension System
  • Available with the following rear shocks: Marzocchi 053 S3C2R or Rock Shox Monarch Plus Debonair
  • Rear shock length: 216x63mm
  • MDE dropout system: 142×12 Maxle, 148×12 Boost, 150×12 through options
  • Weight: 3.00 kg size medium, without shock.
  • Tapered head tube (ZS44 up, EC49 down)
  • Compatible with the new Shimano Sideswing front deraillieur
  • 73mm bottom bracket
  • ISCG 05/03 bottom bracket replaceable bracket
  • Frameset price: 1,599 €

The complete bike

Das MDE Damper 650b ist sowohl in drei Komplettbike-Varianten als auch als Rahmenset erhältlich.
The MDE Damper 2016 will be available in three complete bike models and as a frameset only.
Die Modellvarianten des MDE Damper 650b.
The models of the MDE Damper 2016.

The Damper has three specs to choose from, retailing between 3,299 € and 4,499 €. The three models can be purchased directly from their newly renovated home page and delivery times are reputed to be around 30 days according to MDE.

Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: MDE Bikes PR

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