Have your outdoor garments lost their mojo? Fear not! Muc-Off’s Fabric
Protect will quickly and safely restore any fabrics waterproofing
with a durable, Hydrophobic Nano coating to give your kit theprotective layer it needs!

Muc-Off's ultimate rain and stain proofer.
Muc-Off’s ultimate rain and stain proofer.

Key Features:

  • The ultimate rain and stain proofer
  • Ideal for re-waterproofing jackets, footwear and luggage
  • Uses Nano Technology which forms an invisible barrier around
  • Safe on all fabrics, leather and suede
  • Colourless when dry, naturally air curing
  • 100% Hydrophobic water repellence with oil and stain protection
  • Safe on breathable fabrics – Doesn’t effect flexibility or breathability

What makes Muc-Off Fabric Protect different from conventional
protectors is that it contains a higher level of active material, whichforms an invisible protective layer when fully dried.
If you are tearing up a trail, or just out and about in the rain, FabricProtect guarantees you and your kit the ultimate protection fromwater and oils!You can find the full range from Muc-Off at muc-off.com.

More information: muc-off.com/fabric-protect

Words & Photos: Muc-Off PR

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