Ritchey presented two new tyres and four new grips at the Riva del Garda festival.
Both tyres are primarily aimed at trail riders and answer to the name Trail Bite and Trail Drive. In addition two new lock-on and two new push-on grips will hit the market

Ritchey Trail Bite 2.25

Der Trail Bite soll vor allem guten Kurvenhalt bieten.
The Trail Bite should above all offer great cornering grip.

The Ritchey Trail Bite features an open design with slightly lower central knobs which should provide low rolling-resistance and good mud shedding capabilities.
The side knobs are slightly bigger and in some cases are positioned quite closely to the centre knobs which should guarantee stable cornering transition as the tyre tilts.

Trotz 2.25” Breite bietet der Trailbite durch seine Höhe ein ansehnliches Luftvolumen.
In spite of the 2.25” width the Trailbite offers a decent volume through its height.

This is how Ritchey also describes the tyre: it feels most at home on fast trails and offers maximum cornering traction. It is only available in 2.25” width which corresponds to a 57 mm carcass width. It will be available in a WCS- (120 TPI-carcass) and COMP- (30 TPI-carcass) version in both 27.5” and 29” and weigh 790 gr. (27.5”) or 970 gr. (29”).

Ritchey Trail Drive 2.25

Das geschlossene Profil des Trail Drive sollte für massig Traktion auf Steinen und harten Böden sorgen.
The closed tread profile of the Trail Drive should provide masses of traction on rocky and firm surfaces.

The second new Ritchey tyre model, the Trail Drive, comes with a continuous, high, closed tread pattern so that it performs best in dry conditions whilst serving up great braking traction. This of course comes at a trade-off in rolling resistance which is higher than the Trail Bite. According to Ritchey the Trail Drive is conceived to always offer maximum grip making it an ideal front tyre.

Beide Reifen kommen sowohl in 27.5” als auch in 29” auf den Markt.
Both tyres come in 27.5” and 29”.

Like the Trail Bite the Trail Drive is only available in 2.25” width in both WCS- and Comp-versions with weights of 790 gr (27.5”) and 970 gr (29”).


Die Lock On-Griffe werden an beiden Ende geklemmt.
The Lock On-grips are clamped at each end.

The MTB TRAIL WCS grips are available in a lock-on and a Comp version. The lock-on version features clamps at each end and weighs just 100 gr with a 130 mm width. The Comp versions are just pressed onto the bars and weigh 110 gr at 125 mm width.

Der MTB TRAIL WCS sorgt mit dem Blockdesign für ein angenehmes Griffgefühl.
With their block design the MTB TRAIL WCS grips offer a nice feel.

Both grips come in black, red, yellow, light blue, blue, green and pink. They feature an anatomically optimised design with a combination of raised blocks and d diamond shaped pattern offering superb grip.

Ritchey MTB XC WCS

The MTB TRAIL WCS grips are also available as lock-on and Comp versions weighing in at 110 grams and 100 grams respectively. They are also available in the same colour range as the MTB XC WCS-Grips.

Der XC WCS kommt in vielen verschiedenen Farben.
The XC WCS grips come in a wide range of colours.

The grip design is based on a fine diamond pattern which is pleasant to hold and offers excellent grip.

More information at ritcheylogic.com

Words: Martin Stöckl | Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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