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The Lab: OneUp Components EDC Tools in review

Cycling gives Christoph a strong feeling of freedom. And if there’s one thing he can’t stand it’s a backpack sticking to his kidneys — that’s exactly why he rides without one whenever he can. The OneUp Components EDC-Tool has allowed him to fix quite a number of breakdowns and save what seemed like a lost cause.

Two in one: the EDC-Tool inserts into the top of the EDC pump.

What’s the most elegant way to attach an EDC-Tool to your bike? Right inside the head tube — with the help of OneUp’s special thread-cutter. Unfortunately, the installation kit is rather expensive and there is a good chance that the procedure will void the warranty of your fork — and you still won’t have a pump with you. A pump attached to the bottle cage might not be a good look but it’s still a better option than walking home. OneUp’s special EDC pump can hold an EDC tool and tire plugs. One up’s system kills two birds with one stone and allows you to keep the additional weight comfortably low on your bike.

 Practical: the head of the pump can be used as an adapter for CO2-cartridges

The small multi tool is extremely handy and well thought-out. For example the 5 mm Allen key and cassette-tool form an 8 mm Allen key. It might look a little odd but it works very well indeed.
Form follows function: A pump on your frame might not be the best looking option but it might be the most practical one.

Both the pump and the tool are extremely well thought-out. The head of the pump, for example, can be used as an adapter for CO2 cartridges. Thanks to its large-volume chamber it works efficiently and allows you to pump lots of air into your tires with just a few strokes – especially with 29” wheels this is godsent. The multi tool inserts into the top of the pump and includes all the most common Allen keys, a tire lever, a chain tool and even a cassette tool. The tool is built to a very high standard — that’s what you would expect with a price tag of € 52,50. Thanks to the tire plugs even larger holes or cuts in your tubeless tire won’t stop you from resuming your well-deserved after work ride. This combo has never let Christoph down on his rides and has saved him from disaster on several occasions.


The combination of OneUp Components EDC pump, EDC tool and EDC plug kit is incredibly resourceful. Yes, the kit is expensive but once it sits on your bike it will help you fix almost any sort of breakdown — and you can finally leave your backpack behind on quick after-work rides.


– All most common tools directly integrated into the pump
– High-quality fabrication and cleverly thought-out


– expensive

Tester Christoph
Duration 1 Jahr
More Info

70cc EDC Pump € 49
EDC Tool € 52.50
EDC Plug & Plier Kit € 31.50

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