With more travel and a lower stack height than all the other posts tested, the new OneUp Dropper Post V2 looks like a bargain on paper. But does it deliver when it comes to reliability?

Here you’ll find an overview of the best mountain bike dropper posts in review.

OneUp Dropper Post V2 | 594 g | 210 mm as tested | € 209 + € 49.50 for OneUp Remote

The OneUp V2 has the shortest total length of any post on the market for its drop height. However this amazing feat comes with a few small drawbacks. In order to make the post as short as possible, rather than pulling the inner through the outer as is most common, the OneUp V2 post is actuated by pulling the outer of the cable over the clamped inner (see update below). As the outer cable needs to move by around 4 mm, it does not work well with bikes that feature tight cable routing at the BB or use tight internal tube guides, like the new low-shock Santa Cruz bikes. A $ 20 US adaptor is available to boost compatibility but this does increase the post’s overall length by around 30 mm. The post is available in 120, 150, 180 and 210 mm drops, but uniquely travel can be reduced by 10 or 20 mm with the addition of one or two of the supplied 10 mm internal shims. The post uses sealed cartridge internals and the cartridge is replaceable for $ 60 US should you have issues.

OneUp have clearly been practicing the dark arts. Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, they manage to hide a whopping 210 mm of drop inside a short 300 mm insertion depth!

OneUp’s unique solution uses the movement of the cable outer over a clamped inner to activate the post. This allows them to reduce the insertion depth of their V2 post
The low profile seat clamp results in a very compact 40 mm stack height, the lowest on test
With its grippy, concave paddle, the OneUp remote works great and provides a lot of tactile feedback
Post Price Total length1 Max insertion2 Ride height3 Stack height4 Travel [mm] Weight (incl. remote) Mechanism
OneUp V2 € 209/€ 45.50 550 mm 300 mm 255 mm 40 mm 120 – 150 – 180 – 210 594 g Cable

The OneUp V2 can be brought from OneUp directly for a ridiculously good value € 209 (€ 199 for the 120 and 150 mm models) with free worldwide shipping. The aluminium OneUp remote can be brought separately for € 49.50 and is available as an aftermarket option to work with any dropper that clamps the cable at the remote end. The remote can be purchased with a standard 22.2 mm bar clamp, SRAM Matchmaker X, Shimano I-spec EV or Shimano I-spec II adapters.

Sliding on oversized bushings the OneUp Dropper Post V2 remote has a super smooth action and the lever sits close to the grip in an easy to reach position. After 5 months of trail time, some lateral play developed at the post head, but it is not noticeable while riding. We experienced no reliability or compatibility problems on any of our test bikes, but the cable outer activation does mean that a little more force is needed at the lever to start the post moving. Once activated the movement of the post is super smooth. You can adjust the return spring pressure through a valve under the seat rails. We found the older V1 post would sometimes bind, but the new V2 model has a revised DU bushing in the upper collar and increased bushing overlap. This seems to have solved the issue as we experienced faultless activation throughout the test period. With a 2 year warranty there is very little not to like about the OneUp post.

UPDATE: Since our test review the V2 post now ships with a redesigned V2.1 actuator and is compatibel with all bikes, with no increase in length.

UPDATE: Since our test review, One-Up’s engineers have killed it with an update and the V2 post now ships with a redesigned V2.1 actuator. The new V2.1 actuator is exactly the same length as the one measured here and means the post is now cable driven instead of housing driven, working with all frame designs.


With the OneUp Dropper Post V2’s drop rail clamp system and low stack, no other post can get your saddle lower. We love that the travel can be tuned by up to 20 mm and the well designed too remote. The latter would be a worthy upgrade to any cable actuated post. The OneUp Dropper Post V2 is an impressive post indeed and will give you the most drop without breaking the bank, meaning it takes our Best Value TIP.


  • everything you need from a post
  • shortest stack height on the market


  • cable outer activation not compatible with all bikes
  • slight lateral play

For more info head to: oneupcomponents.com

Here you’ll find an overview of the best mountain bike dropper posts in review.

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