Fancy some exciting discoveries by bike? The Trail Tales take us on journeys around the globe. Orbea portrays fascinating regions, cool people and initiatives and shows the colourful diversity of the international bike community. The journey in this part goes to Germany.

Ode to Freiburg

Just because we like to wander off into the distance and think about which place we could travel to next, we sometimes forget how beautiful it can be right on our own doorstep. In the last part of the Trail Tales series, Orbea shows us the finest trails around Freiburg: Germany’s southernmost city is nestled in the Black Forest and a popular destination with magnificent proximity to the mountains. The city has always brought people together and formed the most diverse communities. This is also true of the MTB community, which – as in all of Germany – does not always have it easy, because time and again they are confronted with special challenges or even restrictions. Then cohesion and a united front are all the more important. In the meantime, the MTB community in Freiburg has more than 2,700 members and the MTB network includes eight legal trails.

Black Forest here we come: Discover the trails around Freiburg with Orbea and exciting insights into the birth of the MTB community!

Orbea not only shows bike action with the Trail Tales, but also gives a look behind the scenes of the bike community and its development. The last part of the video series shows that a lot can be achieved through commitment and cohesion. You can find the previous episodes on Orbea’s YouTube channel or at For updates, just follow Trail Tales on Instagram. Curious now? Then head to Freiburg to experience your own Trail Tales!

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Words: Mike Hunger Photos: Orbea