While putting this issue together, we were hit once again by the confirmation of why we love ENDURO so much: it takes us to new places, introduces us to new people, and lets us cruise along unknown trails and test new bikes. And yes, it is as sick as it sounds! But there’s only one real motive behind all the work we put in – and that’s you guys.

We’ve always wanted to be way more than just a magazine or online channel, overpopulated with rapid-fire videos and press releases. We want to deliver the best tests and most exciting stories, presented in a unique format that’ll keep you hooked and share the stoke. We want to answer the important questions that have got you guys hyped and be the tool that helps you have more fun while riding.

So, what’s the ultimate trail bike for 2017? As we careened down the autostrada to Massa Vecchia in Italy, this was the burning question that we’d packed in the Sprinter van alongside the nine sickest bikes for the coming season. We tested, analyzed, and dissected these bikes before reaching a unanimous conclusion. While there was a standout victor, trail bikes are now so good that we’re all winners, so we guide you to which trail bike is best – for you!

When we put the Zerode Taniwha to the test in the Scottish Highlands we were faced with some questions: is the rear mech now dead like the front? Is this the most exciting bike of 2017? It is time for some answers.

Olly Wilkins is old school. He doesn’t ride to win races or trophies – he rides because that’s what he’s always done. “All the craziest stuff I’ve done in my life has been with the boys in the woods… you know, no cameras.” With the Surrey Hills as our playground, it’s time to collect some air miles and find out more about the original dogfighter.

The SRAM Eagle is considered one of the most covetable mountain bike drivetrains to date; for many, it’s a serious selling point when it comes to buying their next bike. But what is it about this specific shifting system that’s so good, and how have SRAM got to the top of the market? We paid a visit to this industry giant to find out what goes on behind the scenes.

Is it time to buy a bike, but your budget doesn’t stretch to one fresh off the sales floor? Don’t worry, there are plenty of bargains out there on the second-hand market – you just need to know what to look for. So to make sure you’re really happy with your second-hand bike for more than just the first ride, take note of our top tips of what to check before buying.

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As of right now, all the exciting articles can be downloaded from our interactive tablet or smartphone app, and they’ll make their way onto the website over the next few weeks. Have fun reading!

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