OUT NOW! ENDURO Issue #033 – Smoking Hot!

When was the last time you got lost? It’s actually become impossible since, after all, even our smartphone knows where we are. But how do you orientate yourself outside of the urban jungle? What or who will help you find the right bike, new accessories or cool new components? Check out the new ENDURO issue, packed with in-depth reviews and exciting stories.

  7 trail bikes under € 3,000 in test  
  19 disc brakes ridden and rated  
  Knee pads in lab and trail test  
  Spot check: Flow Paradies Paganella  
  Riding the whisky highway  
  Interview: Markus Flossmann, CEO of YT  
  Transition Smuggler single review  
  Do you like ironing? The Pivot Firebird in test  

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All bikes in this issue

Canyon Spectral CF 8.0 | GHOST SLAMR X 5.9 AL | Giant Trance 1.5 LTD | Rose Root Miller 2 | Trek Fuel EX 8 29 XT | Whyte T-130 S | YT Jeffsy 29 AL COMP | Pivot Firebird | Transition Smuggler NX

There’s never been a better time to be a mountain biker! Bikes have never been as good, and the performance you get for your money has never been as high. To prove our point, we compared seven trail bikes costing no more than € 3,000 each. But you need to be careful: While some bikes delivered the whole package, others still have room for improvement.

2018! The Year of the Dog for the Chinese, or simply the year of biking for enduro addicts! There are so many ways to get more out of your riding, here are 18 tips for weaselling out the most of the sunny season’s longer days.

Modern mountain bikes are faster and more powerful than ever. But this enhanced downhill performance increases the likelihood of crashing – that’s why a good pair of knee pads should be an integral part of any rider’s equipment arsenal. With the best knee pads on the market offering peerless protection, ventilation and comfort, we tested some of the most exciting models in the lab and on the trails.

Disc brakes now have it harder than ever before: we’re riding faster, tires bite harder, and the trails we ride are getting tougher. To go fast, we need to be able to go slow, so which disc brake is best?

Within a decade, YT Industries have gone from a backyard garage brand to one of cycling’s most prominent names within the trail, enduro and downhill market. The man behind the young brand’s rise is CEO Markus Flossman, who chats openly with us about the past ten years.

What does the Transition Smuggler Alloy NX and NASCAR have in common? We’ll tell you how Transition’s most affordable model follows an old tradition of American history, and why it’s perfect for smuggling moonshine.

What do a crumpled shirt and a nasty root-carpet have in common? For both you need a decent iron. But since there aren’t many plugs in the forest (yet) the Pivot Firebird is still your best alternative – and our test can prove it!

“How much does your bike weigh?” Surely we’ve all heard this question at the trailhead. But what good is that information? Is a heavy bike a bad bike? Can the riding performance be defined by a number in weight? Or should we perhaps stop weighing our bicycles altogether?

Are you planning a trip to Scotland? Have you heard of bothies, Scotland’s secret mountain huts scattered throughout the highlands? No, well in that case we’ll let you into a secret but shhhh.. don’t tell anyone.

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