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The Lab: POC Coron Air SPIN full face helmet in review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the POC Coron Air SPIN helmet fared.

The POC Coron Air SPIN uncompromising design can feel over built by modern standards but if safety is your priority, it’s a helmet that we’d be happy to crash in!

The POC Coron Air SPIN is a full face helmet designed to exceed the requirements for downhill and enduro racing. Certainly, even before putting it on, the POC Coron Air SPIN looks like a helmet you’d happily crash in! It appears overbuilt by modern enduro standards but the expanded polypropylene (EPP) liner is able to absorb multiple hits, rather than the single hit capability of most helmets which are made from a expanded polystyrene (EPS); reassuring if you’ve crashed at the start of a long descent or a race for example. Needless to say that any helmet still needs to be replaced after a big hit! The SPIN technology is POC’s answer to the MIPs system; which helps dissipate the rotational forces in the event of a crash as the liner allows the helmet to move rather than your head.

POC’s uncompromising design means the Coron Air SPIN may not be the lightest helmet on the market but it is one of the safest.
During a crash, POC’s SPIN technology helmet liner is designed to move with your head within the helmet to dissipate the rotational forces generated when you slam hard onto terra-firma.

Instead of having a removable chin guard to make things more comfortable on your climb or transition, POC have kept the fundamental design of their Coron DH helmet but improved the air vents, minimised the padding around the ears and opened up the area around the mouth. This means that you get all the protection of a DH helmet but you don’t hear yourself breathing like Darth Vader or feel like you’re rebreathing exhaled air when pushing hard. Breathability and airflow is still not as good as the best ‘enduro’ style helmets with open or removable chin guards, so riders looking for a lid that they can wear for trail riding may find the Coron SPIN is still too sweaty and hot. The Coron features chin pads which are designed to pop out quickly to help treatment in the event of a neck injury but we also removed them for transitions as this massively increased the airflow around the helmet.
We used the POC Coron Air SPIN for racing, uplift days and even a few rides in cooler conditions and barely noticed the weight, which seems a small price to pay for uncompromised protection. For those who count every gram, a carbon version is available for €450 and saves 100 g.


The POC Coron SPIN Air isn’t trying to be a jack-of-all-trades trail/enduro lid, instead it offers DH level protection with extra ventilation for enduro style riding on the limit. With its excellent build quality, safety and comfort, the Coron SPIN Air would be a great choice for racing or bike park riding when you want the reassurance that you’re in the best protection you can get.


  • Multi-hit protection
  • No compromise protection


  • Heavy

Tester Tom
Duration 6 months
Price € 290
Weight 1170 g size Medium
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