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New POC Products for 2020 – Axion SPIN All-Mountain, Tectal Race SPIN & Aspire Glasses

POC extend their MTB helmet range with the new Axion SPIN, a more affordable, lightweight, all-mountain helmet. For riders with allergies or other special medical requirements, the new Tectal Race SPIN NFC could be a lifesaver thanks to the integrated NFC chip on which you can store personal and medical data.

The new Axion SPIN all-mountain helmet: weighing only 305 g (size M / L) and priced at € 160 it’s € 70 less than the Tectal Race SPIN.

The Tectal Race SPIN is an excellent, safe helmet – but at € 230 not everyone can afford to or justify buying it. For those not racing against the clock on the roughest trails, POC now offer the new Axion SPIN for € 160 as a lighter, more affordable all-mountain alternative. The level of protection is similar, but the weight has been reduced to 305 g (M/L) thanks to fewer details, the absence of aramid bridges and simpler construction. A nice feature is the break-away function of the height-adjustable visor. Instead of aluminium screws as on the Tectal Race, the Axion has plastic pins that pop out in the event of a crash and can simply be clipped in again. The Axion SPIN will available at your local dealer from spring, coming in a variety of colours and 3 sizes.

The back and sides of the helmet drop down just as far to offer maximum protection
On the inside, you’ll find the proven SPIN inserts
The visor is height adjustable …
… and in the event of a crash, the bottom attachment points simply pop out and can easily be popped back in

POC Tectal SPIN NFC – the helmet that knows everything

The concept is simple enough: you can store your personal and medical data on an NFC chip integrated into the helmet

Safety has always been high on the list of priorities for the Swedish brand, which they approach in three stages. The first stage includes the basics, like a perfect fit – only a helmet that fits well can protect well, the second stage includes the active, actual protection in the event of a crash, and the third stage is about everything that will help rescue the rider after the fact. They’ve already taken measures such as using striking colours for the helmets as part of the AVIP program, aiding rescue workers in spotting injured riders more quickly. What comes next? Valuable time is lost when first responders have to find out all the medical details, and in the worst case, they’re not informed about allergies or other special conditions.

The system was developed by twICEme and they aim to bring it to the masses and make it as widespread as the well-known RECCO system, which is also integrated into the helmet. The data can be uploaded via a free twICEme app.
The information can be accessed via the app’s visually appealing interface or with any NFC-enabled iOS or Android phone
You can store a variety of data, immediately informing the rescue service about certain conditions such as asthma, pacemakers, diabetes and the like and allowing them to respond accordingly

Here the NFC system comes into play. The concept is very simple: using the app developed by twICEme, you can store all your relevant personal and medical data on the NFC chip integrated into the helmet: your name, address, blood type, allergies, special medical facts like a pacemaker, asthma and much more. The data can be accessed via the app or with any NFC-enabled iOS or Android phone. Rescue services are also equipped and trained to identify and use the symbol on the helmet. POC hope to see system reach the mass market and become just as widespread as the RECCO system.

For the time being, the system will only be available on the POC Tectal Race SPIN NFC in the AVIP high-visibility colours, priced at € 250

For now, only the Tectal Race SPIN NFC will have the system in the MTB range. Except for the symbol and the chip itself, the helmet is identical to the normal Tectal Race SPIN, and it’s only available in the AVIP colours for improved visibility and easier spotting in the event of a crash. The Tectal Race SPIN NFC is priced at € 250 – € 20 more than the regular Tectal Race SPIN, available from spring.

Roadies first, for now – the Aspire Solar Switch

The new POC Aspire Solar Switch presents an exciting technological highlight. Thanks to light sensors, the liquid crystal film in the lenses reacts to changes in light and instantly changes from a category 3 to a category 4 tint and back. The technology will only be available as a limited edition of the road bike glasses at first, but with any luck, we could find the same tech on the MTB range in the near future. For more information about the road model, check out our sister magazine GRAN FONDO.

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