Cecile Ravanel has had an electric start to 2016, leaving the opening rounds of the EWS in South America with both victories and then following them up by claiming a second on the slopes of Wicklow Mountain in Ireland. Cecile is instantly recognisable out on track, not only from her attacking style but the bright and punchy Commencal Meta she pilots around the world’s toughest race stages. Since it is one of the hottest bikes on the circuit and is currently leading the overall, we thought it’d be rude not to have a close up look at the bike born in the heart of Andorra.

Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 1
Cecile runs a medium sized frame – the entire bike comes in at 14 kg.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 2
In Ireland, Cecile ran a RockShox Lyrik fork at 160 mm, as the stages aren’t super steep and she likes the feel more in the flatter turns. Cecile uses 2 bottomless tokens and a pressure around 60 psi with a medium rebound depending on the track.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 3
On the back is a RockShox Monarch with 4 volume spacers with a similar rebound to the front and a remote lockout on the bar.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 4
A KS cockpit consists of 760 mm bars a 50 mm Ether stem and 20 mm spacers.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 5
SRAM Guide Ultimate brakes provide the stopping power.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 6
A full SRAM XX1 drivetrain gives Cecile the range she needs for spinning lengthy liasons or flat out descents.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 7
SRAM XX1 cranks are paired with a top guide for extra security and Crankborthers Mallet E Pedals.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 8
Cecile uses Tioga’s injection-molded plastic Outland saddle.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 9
Some tactical foam placement stops build up of mud and debris.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 10
The meta runs on a full American Classic wheelset.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 11
The aluminum wheelset has a very clean look and fits to the bike’s aesthetics nicely.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Shot 12
Hutchinson Toro tyres round off the bike. Cecile runs 2.35″ on the front with a pressure of 1.5 bar and and 2.25″ on the rear with 1.9 bar. This tyre setup stays pretty consistent throughout the whole year.
Cecile Ravanel Bike Check Action Shot 1
Cecile at full race speed on stage 4 in Ireland!

For more information on the bike Cecile runs, just visit our Commencal Meta AM V4 review or the Commencal website.

You can keep up to date with Cecile’s racing by liking her Facebook page.

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