I’v been running these tyres now for around two months on test, but amazingly (for the UK) had to wait till now to finalise the test, with some wet weather stuff. Until recently every ride I have done has been bone dry, so a comparison to other leading brands was not conclusive.


First of all what are they like in the dry, amazing I would say, by far the best trail tyre I have ridden on. I was supplied the 2.3 tubeless 27.5 Kevlar single-ply folder, with triple compound and EXO sidewall. In the powdery stuff, with their open aggressive tread pattern, they hook up with perfect predictability, as I discovered at the recent Caersws Mini-Enduro. That place was, fast, rocky, rooty, dusty, steep and also contained massive fast field sections, giving the tyres a great all-round dry test and bringing in my first Enduro podium. Also when it comes to gnarly, their first outing was the ‘Ard Rock Enduro, this too had loads of fast grassy turns and lots of big tyre popping sharp rocks, there were puncture fixers everywhere, but the Maxxis’s lasted the whole weekend without even a burp. Finally was the test finisher, a wet and slick Eastridge, slimey roots and rocks with slippery mud sections thrown in, the mud being where my previous Mountain King and Rubber Queen’s found their limits. I thought there must be a catch somewhere, but they just gripped and gripped some more. For me these super tough, fast rolling 2.3’s are the ultimate Enduro all-round tyre, end of!


They’re available in the following options:

  • 2.4″
    • Kevlar single ply folders: 60a EXO £47.99, 3C EXO £58.99
    • Dual ply DH casing wire bead: 42a or 60a single compound £47.99, 3C £58.99
  • 2.3″:
    • Kevlar single ply folder with TR (Tubeless Ready) bead 3C compound and EXO sidewall £53.99


Words: Jim Buchanan Photos: Doc Ward (http://www.doc-photography.com/)


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