From sunny Andalucia to the mysterious Celtic North – Big Ride is on its way.

Following the success of Ojen, Big Ride supported by Cannondale Open Spain Enduro BTT, moves forward with all engines firing towards another weekend of excitement and emotion. This time we will be on the hillsides of Tui in Celtic Galicia a land of forests and mountains.

The Tui meeting has become a benchmark for riders, a challenge of skills and stamina, which tested the very best in 2013. This year an exciting new course has been set out with 5 runs against the clock, a total 42 kilometers with a height difference of 2000 meters.


The Forests of Monte Aloia which surround Tui hold secrets and surprises, to test even the best riders, and when you add in the unpredictable weather of this Atlantic region the challenge becomes truly formidable. This is what makes the Tui event really memorable every year, its sheer unpredictability.

The absence of the previous favourite the great Jerome Clementz leaves the door wide open for challengers, it really is anybody’s for the taking this time, as long as they are able to take on a formidable field of riders and overcome the terrain and the weather !. In Tui everything is up for grabs and there’s no place to hide!


It is going to be a top-class field with some of the best riders competing. We have been overwhelmed by the number of inscriptions this year, way beyond our expectations. More than 300 riders will leave from the centre of Tui on Sunday watched by the crowds on the elegant Paseo de La Corredera.

Spectators can get a map of the routes at the Race office so they can find the best places to get close to the action as it happens.


The results will also be posted on the internet as they happen in “live Timing” on the website of MagmaSports Timing.

So now the Challenge awaits, everything is in its place for a tough and rewarding weekend both for the riders and the Big Ride team.

We are ready for anything.

Watch out Tui . You ain’t seen nothing yet, Big Ride 2014 is on it’s way.

Words & Pictures: PR Big Ride

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